• Thank you for donating 190 Shoe boxes!!!

    Your children came in with 190 shoe boxes today! Every single shoe box has the good news of the Gospel in them and we know they are going to the Ukraine.  Our students were all excited to help those less fortunate.  Thank you for your support!

    Parent – Teacher Conferences 

    Thank you for partnering with us in your child’s educational journey.  We’ve had a very eventful and positive first two months of the school year and are excited to watch our new academic wing being constructed!

    The first quarter report cards are being sent home with your child(ren) next Thursday, November 16 after school.

    ParentTeacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday evening (November 16) from 6-9pm and Friday morning (November 17) from 10am-12pm.  Due to the dramatic enrollment increase again this year, it is essential that you sign up early on the scheduling form inside the church entrance.  Alternatively, you can call the school office to schedule a conference time.  Also be aware that each conference is scheduled for 10 minutes; if you require a longer time, please contact the teacher directly to set up an alternative meeting date/time.

    Please remember that these conferences are an important opportunity for parents and teachers to partner together in the student’s academic, social, and emotional success.  If it is necessary to have your children with you, they are to be under your direct supervision at all times in the school building.  Due to safety considerations and church function reasons, the gym and church sections of the building (except for the entry area) are off-limits.

    We have translators on hand to assist you with any English barrier that you may have.

     Buy – A – Brick – Build Our School! 

    We are just a couple weeks into our capital campaign and have raised $150,000 to date. Thank-you to all our generous supporters who have shared their gifts with us. Please take time to consider your personal capacity to give.

    How Can I Give To The Buy A Brick Campaign?

    1) Tithe.ly is a fantastic online giving platform that allows every giver the option to customize their giving plan.  Whether this be a weekly, monthly, or yearly gift, Tithe.ly will walk you through the steps to begin giving today.  Please visit https://tithe.ly/give_new/www/#/tithely/give-one-time/58384 or text (204) 817-6871.  Be sure to select “GCS- Buy A Brick Campaign”.

    2) Gifts may also be given in the form of cash, cheque, debit, or credit card.  Please make all cheques payable to Grace Christian School and deliver them to the school office or Dr. Huizing.

    Usborne Book Fair

    The time has come again for our annual Usborne Literacy Fair.  This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase great books for your children and supporting the school library at the same time.  Each year, our school library receives 25% of purchases as free books.  This mean last year alone, our library received over $275 in new books.

    Each student will have a chance tomorrow to look at the books available to order. They will be making wish lists of some of their favorite choices.  There is no obligation to purchase anything from this list, but if you choose to, it’s a good way to know what may have caught their eyes.

    I will be set up in the church foyer this year during parent teacher interviews on Thursday, November 16 from 6-9 pm and Friday, November 17 from 10 am – 12 pm.

    If you are unable to attend the literacy fair but still want to place an order, feel free to send a message to order at mbiech.ubooks@gmail.com.  Here is the link to view the online catalogue and orders sent to myself.



    对于今天孩子们捐赠出的Shoe boxes,我们表示衷心的感谢!

所有人总计带来了190个Shoe boxes!这些Shoe Boxes都会像福音故事一般,带给乌克兰孩子们希望和好消息。在本次活动上,孩子们对于帮助他人所表现出的热情和兴奋,这些正能量都少不了家长们的支持和拥护,对此我们深表谢意。


  • 家长会

谢谢所有家长们,谢谢你们愿意在孩子们的学生生涯中,与我们结伴同行。我们度过了既充实又有意义的 学年的第一学期。同时,我们也很高兴看到新的教学楼已经开始施工了。

第一学期的成绩单将会在本周四,十一月十六号(Nov 16th)放学后发给学生。

家长会的时间安排在周四晚上(Nov 16th)六点到九点,和周五(Nov 17th)上午的十点到十二点。由于我们较多的学生基数,无法在没有安排的情况下接待所有家长。因此,您需要在教堂入口处登记家长会的见面时间。再者,您也可以给学校办公室打电话安排一次家长会。在此,需要注意的是家长会的见面交谈时间将会控制在十分钟之内。如果您觉得您需要更多的时间与老师洽谈,请直接联系相关科目老师来预约一次其他的见面机会。




  • 建校

时至今日,我们已经筹集$150.000,几周过后,我们将会举行一个Capital Campaign.借此机会,我们也要感谢所有那些点点滴滴帮助过我们的慷慨支持者们。如果可以的话,请麻烦您花一点时间考虑一下您可以为我们做出的贡献?


  1. ly 是一个可以让您自制资助计划的网站平台。不管您想每周,每月,或是每年的帮助,该网站都会有步骤教你如何开始你的资助计划。网站是https://tithe.ly/give_new/www/#/tithely/give-one-time/58384 。您也可以选择发短信至 (204) 817-6871 。资助的时候要确保的是选择 “GCS-Buy A Brick Campaign”.
  2. 您也可以选择通过现金,支票,储蓄卡或者信用卡的方式资助我们。请将所有可提取的支票归名在Grace Christian School的名下,并且送到学校办公室或者 Huizing的手中.


  • Usborne Book Fair

又是一年一度的Usborne Literacy Fair. 这不仅是为你的孩子买精彩书籍的好机会,更是你对学校图书馆帮助的一种体现。 每年,我们的学校图书馆都会免费得到总购买25%的书籍作为校图书馆的存书。这也意味着,光是去年,我校图书馆就免费得到了总价值达275$的新书。

明天,每个学生都有机会得知有哪些书可以订购。他们也可以将最喜欢的书列入wish List。尽管我们无法保证每一个wish List单上的愿望都会如愿以偿,但这也是我们得知学生们喜好的一个途径。


如果你无法拜访我们的literacy fair但十分想预定,您也可以email我来订购书籍。我的邮箱是mbiech.ubooks@gmail.com .这是网上的目录https://www.usbornebooksathome.ca/catalogue/catalogue.aspx?cat=1 .