As the school year comes to a close, we have a few important dates that parents with English Language Learners need to be aware of.

Friday June 1- You are invited to the Living Wax Museum. This is a public speaking presentation. Please note that all students are required to present and come dressed up as a person who has impacted the world. They should be practicing their speeches. Presentations will be from 2:00 – 2:45 with our awards ceremony at 2:45. This event will be live streamed for friends and family living around the world.

The last day for students in After School ESL Tutoring is:

  • The last day for elementary (1-6) tutoring is June 1
  • The last day for 7-12 grade tutoring is June 8

If any students in 7-12 grade are wanting additional tutoring during their exam week or help with final papers or projects, they will need to schedule with Ms. Huizing.  We have a few tutors who are willing to meet students to help them be successful in their exam studying. However, these tutors need to be booked in advance.

The Dr. Huizing Scholarship for ELLs.  The last day for donations for the scholarship is June 1.  This is a one-time $2500 scholarship for an English Language Learner at GCS that has overcome their language barrier to make a lasting impact at GCS through academic excellence, perseverance, and cultural engagement, both in and out of school. This award is to help further pursue their dreams in higher education using their gift of language.

I believe we could begin the scholarship this year if we all show our support for these extraordinary students. The donation is tax deductible and business sponsors will be mentioned at graduation.

The ESL Summer Program for GCS students ONLY begins July 31. See the attached brochure and registration form for dates, fees, and deadlines.

ESL Summer Homework Packets – please let Dr. Huizing know if you will be leaving before the last day of school (June 22, 2018) so that Summer Packets can be prepared. These packets have important pre-vocabulary and ideas for English language practice throughout the summer.

Please keep in mind that classes are filling fast for the 2018 – 2019 school year. If you have friends or family that you have asked to “hold” space for, we need to hear from you before June 18, as we get ready to call families on the waiting list. We do have 2 more openings in Kindergarten.

We are so proud of all the hard work every student has accomplished this year. Each tutor and teacher has loved getting to know your children and working with them in order to ensure their success. Thank you for trusting us with your students and their education.



6月1日星期五 – 邀请您参加Living Wax Museum活着的蜡像馆演讲。这是一个公开的演讲。请注意,所有ESL学生都要求进行演讲,并且打扮成他们所选择的影响世界的人物。他们应该练习他们演讲。演讲时间将在2:00 – 2:45, 我们的颁奖典礼将在2:45举行。这个演讲将会在网上直播,以便您的朋友和家人观看。


  • 小学(1-6年级) – 6月1日
  • 7-12年级 – 6月8日



Dr.Huizing奖学金为ESL学生 最后一天捐款是6月1日





ESL暑假班 – 只开放给GCS学生, 7月31日开始



ESL 暑期作业夹 – 请让 Dr.Huizing老师知道您是否会在学校闭校前离开(6月22日),以便准备暑期作业。这些作业有很重要的下学期的词汇和为ESL学者夏天准备的一些练习和想法。