Are students required to wear a uniform?2022-07-06T11:31:54-03:00

Grace Christian School does not require uniform dress but does enforce a school dress code.  See School Handbook (section five) for specifics on school dress.

Does Grace Christian School provide lunch?2017-09-22T16:06:10-03:00

Cafeteria services are not available at Grace Christian School; however, occasionally, lunch options are made available to students from various food establishments for a fee.  Daily lunches and snacks must be provided from home.

Does Grace Christian School provide a bus service?2018-07-10T11:12:16-03:00

Transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parents.

Does the school provide before and after school care?2022-07-06T11:33:39-03:00

Grace Christian School does not provide child care services; however, based on demand, a private after-school program is available from 2:45pm to 5pm.

What are the operational hours of Grace Christian School?2022-07-06T11:33:06-03:00

Elementary classes begin at 8:45am and end at 2:45pm. Grade 7-12 classes begin at 9am and end at 3pm.  Teacher supervision is provided before school from 8:35am and after school until 3pm.

What qualifications do the teachers of Grace Christian School have?2017-05-03T17:09:55-03:00

All teachers meet provincial requirements, having teaching certificates issued by the Province of Prince Edward Island and/or the Association of Christian Schools International.

What is the enrollment of Grace Christian School?2022-07-06T11:33:55-03:00

The approximate student enrollment is 200 students from grades JK-12.

How many years has Grace Christian School been in existence?2022-07-06T11:34:14-03:00

Grace Kindergarten opened in the fall of 1978.  In 1980 Grace Christian School expanded to include grades kindergarten through six.   In 1987 Grace Christian School celebrated its first high school graduation. To date, over 300 students have graduated from Grace Christian School.

What makes Junior Kindergarten different from regular day care?2018-07-10T11:16:50-03:00

In addition to learning centres, playtime, art, music, gym, and technology, Grace Christian School Junior Kindergarten follows a full academic curriculum including math, reading, and penmanship.

What percentage of graduates attend post secondary education?2017-05-03T17:07:35-03:00

Over ninety-eight percent of Grace Christian School graduates continue their educations at post-secondary institutions in the program of their choice with many of them receiving scholarships and bursaries.

Is Grace Christian School academically superior to other Island schools?2022-07-06T11:35:41-03:00

While Grace Christian School does not participate in provincial assessments, its students have consistently performed, on average, in the 85thpercentile nationally (Canadian Achievement Tests).  A strong emphasis is placed on student work ethic and responsibility, and school standards for promotion exceed provincial standards. GCS is an Advanced Placement certified school, offering select AP courses and every AP exam. 

How much does it cost to send my children to GCS?2018-07-10T11:21:11-03:00

GCS offers some of the best admission rates in the country as well as a monthly payment option to eliminate the burden of one lump-sum payment.  Also, a number of bursaries are available by application to help defray the cost of tuition.

How does Grace Christian School incorporate technology into its curriculum?2018-07-10T11:27:36-03:00

Grace Christian School is a 21st-century educational institution that integrates technology into all aspects of students learning.  Students learn critical thinking and problem solving as early as Kindergarten through technology use and coding; elementary students collaborate through Google Classroom; junior high and high school students use Project Based Learning through technology and also engineer and code various robotic devices.

What facilities does Grace Christian School offer?2018-07-10T11:29:30-03:00

Grace Christian School houses seventeen classrooms, a gymnasium, a multipurpose room, a library, an art room, and a chapel area.  The school also has a science lab, computer lab, music room, and various open-learning spaces, as well as a large green space with playground equipment, soccer field, basketball court and seasonal sledding hill.

Is Grace Christian School provincially certified?2018-07-10T11:30:08-03:00

Grace Christian School has been a provincially certified private school since 1996.

Beside the core subjects, what other programs does Grace Christian School offer?2018-07-10T11:32:52-03:00

Grace Christian School recognizes the need for artistic expression.  Drama, music, and art are part of the elementary program.  In high school, extra-curricular opportunities are available to continue to develop these skills.  In addition, junior high students participate in non-academic enrichment programs such as Technology/Engineering, Art, Music, STEM, Life Skills, etc.  Additionally, intramural sports programs, as well as participation in inter-scholastic sports, are encouraged.

What is the average class size?2022-07-06T11:36:58-03:00

The number of students in each grade ranges from eight to twenty-five, with the current average class size being 14 students.

What grades are offered at Grace Christian School?2017-05-03T17:01:48-03:00

Grace Christian School offers an academic program from junior kindergarten through grade twelve.

Is my child required to take Christian Ethics?2017-05-03T17:01:18-03:00

All students are required to participate in scheduled Christian Ethics classes as well as a weekly assembly for the purpose of age-appropriate Biblical teaching.

What makes Grace Christian School different from public schools?2017-05-03T17:00:45-03:00

The administration and staff of Grace Christian School holds to the foundational principle that all subjects be taught from a Biblical worldview.  This means that, although traditional academic courses are offered, every subject is viewed through the Scripture as the ultimate compass for determining truth, morality, justice, priorities, and purpose.  With all grades at the same location, multi-grade activities provide venues for modeling leadership.  A small student population favours involvement in a variety of activities, including community service projects to build citizenship skills.  Students can flourish in a safe, caring environment, supported by both staff and peers.

Does one have to attend Grace Baptist Church or be part of the Baptist denomination in order to send children to Grace Christian School?2018-07-10T11:34:50-03:00

Grace Christian School admits students of any race or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, responsibilities, programs and activities, providing such students meet the academic entrance requirements, and agree, with their parents, to abide by the school policies. Families are not required to attend Grace Baptist Church in order to send their child to Grace Christian School; nor are there any expectations that students will attend church-related activities.  All families are expected to be in agreement with our parent commission.

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