“I Like It” Celebration

In celebration of positive behavior and earning 40 “I Like It” pom poms as a class, students in grade 4 are invited to wear pajamas to school tomorrow. We will enjoy some hot chocolate in the afternoon, as well as a short movie.

Winter Carnival

Grace Christian School WINTER CARNIVAL is March 11th to 15th.

Show your school spirit and join in the fun by participating in our theme days! Remember that modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the rule! Winter Carnival is organized and sponsored by G.C.S. Student Council.

Monday: PAJAMA DAY – A student favorite! Wear your favorite pajamas to school but don’t forget to wake up!

Tuesday: MATHLETES VS. ATHLETES – Are you more of a nerd or a jock? Choose your side and dress the part!

Wednesday: HAWAII DAY – Aloha! Flowered shirts and grass skirts!

Thursday: DECADE DAY – Dress up like people from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or any other decade from the past. Raid your parents’ closets!

Friday: SKIING (grades 3-12) – Students who wish to go skiing are asked to have their permission forms signed and returned by next Wednesday, March 13. This time there will be alternate activities held at the school for those not wishing to ski.