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Kindergarten Graduation Time Correction

2021-06-14T08:24:21-03:00June 14th, 2021|

My sincere apologies to all of you. The correct time for our Kindergarten Graduation is 6:30 Wednesday evening. Therefore, I ask that the children be in the classroom by 6:10 dressed and ready to go. We begin promptly at 6:30 pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Mrs. Perry

Week 38 in Kindergarten

2021-06-13T15:22:27-03:00June 13th, 2021|

Here We Are... The last 2.5 days of school is upon us. What a magnificent year it has been. I feel truly blessed to have spent each day with your children. I will miss them greatly. We had a great time at Island Hill Farm last Thursday. I hope you heard fun stories from your [...]

Week 37 in Kindergarten

2021-06-06T19:26:45-03:00June 6th, 2021|

We are down to the last 7.5 days of school for Junior/Senior Kindergarten 2021! For those who have Senior Kindergarten students graduating to grade One this fall, we have planned a special program for you touching on highlights from this school year. Where has this school year gone? *Please watch  tomorrow for a specific email [...]

Week 36 in Kindergarten

2021-05-31T17:12:52-03:00May 31st, 2021|

Hello Families, I apologize for our blog being a day late as I left my computer cord at school... Thank you parents for providing Kitten food and treats for two of our grade 5 students project. Our class brought in the most items and will be getting a treat ourselves! Tomorrow June 1st will be [...]

Week 35 in Kindergarten

2021-05-24T16:03:48-03:00May 24th, 2021|

Hello Families, Happy May 24th weekend! Thank you for all you are doing to follow CPHO protocols that allow our communities to stay as healthy as possible. I am so thankful we have had a full year to this point of in classroom learning. What a blessing. It has taken the whole community working together [...]

2021-05-16T17:06:13-03:00May 16th, 2021|

Hello Families, I hope you have been able to enjoy this gorgeous weather! We have only 41/2 weeks of Kindergarten left before the children begin their summer holidays. This year has flown by for me. In our Community Helpers unit, the children learned about toy makers and became curious about making their own toys. Three [...]

Week 33 in Kindergarten

2021-05-09T18:04:44-03:00May 9th, 2021|

Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope you have had a good day with your children today and been able to enjoy some sunshine later this afternoon and evening. This week we will be learning new special sounds: th in thick and th in this  This Friday we will have a theme day to wear a hat [...]

Week 32 in Kindergarten

2021-04-30T15:53:52-03:00April 30th, 2021|

Hello Families of GCS Kindergarten, Hard to imagine tomorrow will be May the 1st! We have begun practicing for the Senior Kindergarten Graduation in hopes that we can preform face to face this year. Here are some important items I want to relay to you before the weekend. Inside your child’s grey take home bag [...]

Week 31 in Kindergarten

2021-04-25T18:17:36-03:00April 25th, 2021|

Hello Families, It was so nice to see fresh, Spring weather come to our beloved province. Listening to the birds outside while I drink my morning coffee always makes my heart smile. This week we continue to strengthen our reading using 3 and 4 letter words. The students are doing so well. I am immensely [...]

Week 30 in Kindergarten

2021-04-18T15:31:17-03:00April 18th, 2021|

A good Sunday morning to everyone. Has it stopped snowing already?? Our playground is a wonderful place to play and explore each day. I ask for students to hold off on wearing shoes just yet for recess as April weather causes wet and soggy ground to play on. Rubber boots are best until the ground [...]

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