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Last 5 days of school!

2020-05-31T17:19:14-03:00May 31st, 2020|

Hello my Kindergarten Families, We are on the last lap of school from home for 2019-2020! Here we are! And to conclude the year in a fun way, the kindergarten class will have the chance to investigate an animal of their choice and complete each day’s assignment for 4 days, then show what they [...]

2 Weeks Left!

2020-05-24T13:00:34-03:00May 24th, 2020|

Hello, My Families of GCS Kindergarten, We are down to our last two weeks of Kindergarten at home for the year 2019-2020. During these last two weeks I encourage you to read the outline sent by Mr. Biech (added below) so you will know the important dates for you and your child regarding end of [...]

Week 9 of Learning from home

2020-05-19T05:22:35-03:00May 19th, 2020|

Hello My Lovely Kindergarten Families, Can you see it? Can you see the end of the road for this year? I see it and I want to tell you what it looks like... It is bright and rewarding. Why? Because we didn't give up and we helped each other the best way we now [...]

Week 8 of Online Learning

2020-05-10T20:17:33-03:00May 10th, 2020|

Happy Mother's Day Hello Families of GCS Kindergarten, We are heading to the finish line at a down hill speed. We can do this together. I have found more engaging activities that will build on the concepts we have been learning about. The children will have the opportunity to think though activities that grow [...]

Week 7 At Home Learning

2020-05-03T16:42:58-03:00May 3rd, 2020|

Hello Families of Grace Kindergarten, What a beautiful day it is today! My grass is much greener after the rain we had yesterday. Please note that Friday, May 15th will be a day off for all of us so we are able to enjoy a 4 day Victoria Day weekend. Mrs. MacNeill has sent [...]

Week 6 Look At Us Learn!

2020-04-26T17:39:45-03:00April 26th, 2020|

Hello Sweet Kindergarten Families, Well, here we are... We have moved through 5 full weeks of online learning in spite of all the HUGE changes in our personal lives. Let's take a deep breath and acknowledge this feet. AHHHHHHHhhhhh We are doing this. Some days are good some are not so good. Some days [...]

Week 5 of On Line Learning Kindergarten

2020-04-19T18:09:07-03:00April 19th, 2020|

Hello GCS Kindergarten Families, Here we are in week 5! You have done an extraordinary job leading your child in learning!!! Hats off to you Mom and Dad. Just look at what they have been doing because of your guidance. become very confident in the 1 vowel rule become more confident in the 2 [...]

New and Improved

2020-04-05T14:08:46-03:00April 5th, 2020|

Hello Amazing Families of GCS Kindergarten, We have just completed 2 weeks of learning at home. Thank you for your feed back to this new routine. Your honest feed back has provided us with enough information of how we can change the amount and skill set for your family. I also recognize the challenge [...]

Week#2 Our New Adventure

2020-03-29T17:11:37-03:00March 29th, 2020|

Hello Parents, Wow!  I don’t think I would have thought at the beginning of March that the world would have changed so much. We are all having to adjust to new ways of living with our families, work, and especially school. I want to thank you all for the huge learning curve you have stepped [...]

Week Before March Break

2020-03-08T17:44:55-03:00March 8th, 2020|

Greetings! Happy Sunday! Looking forward to a fun week:  Winter Carnival Theme Days Monday: Pajama Day – Come dressed in your comfiest pajamas! **well mannered stuffed animals are welcome **as I always say, please check to see the children have on undergarments and brush their teeth Tuesday: Class Trip to Great Canadian Adventure Sleigh Ride Wednesday: Holiday Dress [...]