Some Changes as Construction Begins! Beware!!!



如果您需要停车,请停在停车场的指定停车位。请不要停放在停车场的入口处 – 这个空间需要被清空,允许大型机械和设备进出,同时让学校的交通通畅。






离开学校时,学生和家长将通过教堂的正门离开(不是卫生间旁边的小出口门 – 这个门将会成为紧急出口)




We are extremely excited to have the construction of Phase 1 of our expansion begin tomorrow!  As always, safety for the students is paramount; we will begin the following safety procedures beginning in the morning for dropoff (and pickup at 3:00pm).  Also see the attached map/directions for details:

  • Continue to use the same procedure as normal for entering and exiting the parking lot
  • If you need to park your car, please park in the designated parking spaces in the parking lot.  Please do not park along the entrance to the parking lot – this space needs to be clear to allow large machinery and equipment and to allow easy traffic flow in and out of the school property
  • Because the current school entrance will be under construction and not usable, students will now wait (in the morning and also after school) at the church entrance of the building.
  • At no time should students be on the grass by the flagpole or near the construction zone
  • When dropping children off, students will walk to the church entrance and wait outside at the front of the building (there will be safety cones to indicate the location)
  • When picking up children, they will exit the school from the church doors and wait in the same location as in the morning (outside the front of the church building).  Please ensure that your children are picked up promptly after school.
  • When entering the school, students and parents are to use the church doors and proceed down the hallway to the school section.  Do not walk through the church sanctuary area.
  • When exiting the school, students and parents are to exit via the church main entrance (not the exit doors by the church bathrooms – this is an emergency exit only)
  • Staff members will be in the parking lot to help guide parents and students

Thank you again for partnering with us as we watch God move in this amazing way.

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