Christmas Concert Reminders For THIS WEEK!




今年我们非常荣幸可以向您呈现“圣诞角落店铺游”音乐会于星期四,12月14日下午一点三十分,晚上的表演将在6点30分巨星。学生要求在下午6点时返回学校进行准备。作为一个家庭,希望您可以早来占位置,因为我们期待有很多观众前来。请注意这场音乐会的穿着要求是红色,银色,白色或者黑色的正式服装 (女生穿长裙或者短裙,男生穿衬衫和深色长裤–男生请不要穿牛仔裤)。


每年的这个时候都是祈祷和祝福的时候,也是对您想捐赠的地方捐赠的时候。我们的“买一块砖”活动现在在SCRIP前台也可以参加了。对于学校这将是多大的一个祝福,同时你也可以以一位你尊敬的人的姓名来购买一块砖并捐赠给学校。每一块砖将是250元。所以,如果你希望以这样的方法来敬仰一位你所尊敬的人,请到SCRIP前台找Mr.Huizing, 如果您希望了解更多关于我们的买一块砖项目,请联系

Christmas Concert Reminders:

This year we are very pleased to be presenting the musical Christmas Shop Around the Corner on Thursday, December 14th, with a matinee performance at 1:30 pm and an evening performance at 6:30 pm. Students are asked to return to school for the evening performance by 6 PM to prepare for the stage.  As family, you will want to grab your sit early too as we are expecting a very large audience. Please take note that the dress code for the concert is red, silver, white, or black special dress clothing (girls in dresses or skirts, and a dress shirt and dark pants for the boys – no jeans please).

Christmas Blessings & Bricks:

It is that time of year to bless others and donate to programs that are close to your heart. Our “Buy A Brick” campaign is now available through the SCRIP table. What a wonderful way to bless the school and someone that you admire by buying a brick in their name and gifting it to GCS.  Bricks can be purchased for $250.  So, if you know someone who deserves to be honored in this way please visit Mr. Huizing at the SCRIP table or to learn more about how you can support our Buy A Brick Campaign, please contact me at

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