Greetings! Take note of important information below regarding our grade two class.

Lunch Boxes

As our first month comes to a close, we are encouraging students to take part in keeping their hooks clean by organizing their belongings at the beginning of the day. Please partner with us in ensuring that your child has a lunch box to keep all of their containers neatly inside.

Reading Logs

I have loved seeing all the reading taking part at home through our homework reading logs. Please continue to encourage your child to read every night to help develop their fluency throughout the year. We will also be working on reading comprehension, so any questions you may ask them after their reading would be a great help.

Cool Days & Warmer Clothing

Please remember that as the cooler days of autumn arrive, students should come prepared with a light coat or sweater for outdoors.  Students may also wish to have a sweater for class, as jackets are not permitted inside the classroom.

PD Day- No Classes

As important as it is for your children to be learning and growing academically, so to is the case for us teachers.  On Friday, October 11th, students will not have classes as the teachers from GCS participate in a professional development day.

Important Dates

October 10 – Fall Pictures
October 11 – PD Day (No Classes)
October 14 – Thanksgiving (No Classes)


Mrs. MacDougall