Dear Families of English Language Learners,

It is hard to believe that it is the end of May. I am so proud of your student’s hard work this year. I am sure they will finish strong as we head into the last 6 weeks of school. This letter is to remind you of all the events and what your student needs to do prepare to be successful. I am looking forward to celebrating their accomplishments at school closing on June 21, 2019.

Regular Seesaw practice EVERY day is still required… this ESL practice should not take longer than 50 minutes a day – but you should hear your students practicing every day for final projects and their final speaking ESL exam – The Living Wax Museum.

Save the Dates:

 Friday, May 24 – Course Selection Seminar for grade 11 – please ask your student for their documents to sign. ALL course selection sheets MUST be signed by a parent.  If you need help with course selection, please email me to set up an appointment.

Monday, May 27 – ESL Practical Exam and Scavenger Hunt Field Trip.

The ESL classes in grades 7 – 11 will be attending a class trip that will put their practical English language skills into use. Students need to be at GCS at 8:30 am to leave for a day of speaking and experiencing PEI culture. Permissions slips at $15 plus $ for lunch are needed.

Tuesday, May 28 – Course Selection Seminar for grades 9 & 10 please ask your student for their documents to sign. ALL course selection sheets MUST be signed by a parent.  If you need help with course selection, please email me to set up an appointment.

Thursday, May 30 – Arts Coffee House  6:30 – 8:30 pm. Please plan on attending an evening of art & music of all our GCS students.

Check out the GCS Athletics Calendar for all your student’s Track & Field races in May & June. GCS Athletic Calendar.

 Friday June 7- You are invited to the Living Wax Museum. This is a public speaking presentation. Please note that all students are required to present and come dressed up as a person who has impacted the world. They should be practicing their speeches. Presentations will be from 2:00 – 2:45 with our awards ceremony at 2:45. This event will be live streamed for friends and family living around the world – ask for the link!

June 6the last day for students in after school ESL tutoring is:

  • The last day for elementary (1-6) tutoring isJune 6.
  • The last day for 7-12 grade tutoring isJune 7  with specialized workshops for content area classes.

Review Workshops this week are: Sign Up Required.

Tues: 6/4        Grade 10 Biology – with Mrs. Arthurs

Wed. 6/5        Grade 10 World Lit. – with Dr. Huizing & Mrs. Jelley

Thur. 6/6        Grades 9 – 10 ESL – with Dr. Huizing

Fri.   6/7        Grades 9 – 10 ESL Bible – with Mr. Huizing


If any students in 7-12 grade are wanting additional tutoring during their exam week or help with final papers or projects, they will need to schedule with Dr. Huizing.  Tutors need to be booked in advance. 


June 10 –  ESL Summer Homework Packet will be emailed to the parent the week of June 10. There will be NO paper copies sent this year. Please email ESL Administrative Assistant if you have NOT seen this document at Please make sure your student prepares in the summer for new vocabulary for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Daily practice is an important part of maintaining good language skills.

June 14 – Grade 12 Graduation – 7pm   Come celebrate with us!

Thursday, June 20 will be our annual GCS Sandspit day – Family fun day! The ride bracelets this year will be $13.00 per person and allow for all rides except the go karts; all parents are required to pay for their own bracelets. When purchasing bracelets, let the cashier know you are with the GCS group. Hours of operation are from 9:30am-3:30pm. This is a great opportunity for you to come and enjoy your children and the fellowship of other parents. You are reminded that there is no supervision by GCS staff and each parent is responsible for either attending with their children or making provision for their children to be cared for. If Sandspit is closed due to rain/poor weather, there is NO SCHOOL on that day (June 20).The address for Sandspit is 8986 Cavendish Rd, Cavendish, PE.

Friday, June 21 – Report cards go home after school closing. If you are not going to be here for school closing please email ESL Administrative Assistant at so she can send you a pdf. NO HARD COPIES will be mailed internationally.

Friday, June 21 is our annual School Closing day for grades 1-11.  Students are to arrive at the regular time (before 9am); the closing ceremony will begin at 9:30am.  Parents are welcome to attend as we celebrate the accomplishments of this past year.  Students will receive their report cards AFTER the ceremony is complete (approximately 11:30am) and students are to be picked up before noon.

 The ESL Summer Program for GCS students ONLY begins July 30. See the attached brochure and registration form for dates, fees, and deadlines. Please note the IELTS Summer course registration is also in this document.

Please keep in mind that classes are filling fast for the 2019 – 2020 school year. If you have friends or family that you have asked to “hold” space for, we need to hear from you before June 1, as we get ready to call families on the waiting list. We do have 1 more opening in our Kindergarten.

GCS will be closed for tours and applications from July 1 – July 22. I Will NOT be checking my emails at this time – FAMILY VACATION! 🙂

Thursday, Sept. 5 – for those of you excited to start school again next year, the first day of classes of the 2019 – 2020 school year is Thursday, September 5.  For more event dates, please see the school calendar at

A special thanks: thanks to our efforts we raised over $12, 000 for the Dr. Huizing ELL scholarship. This year’s $2500 scholarship award winner will be announced at school closing on June, 21.

Thank you for a great year and all of your support. Your children worked so hard on their English language skills and being part of the GCS family. I am so blessed to be a part of your life!


Enjoy the summer!