Grace Christian School strives for excellence in teaching English to all English language learners. Students enrolled in the English as a Second Language program at GCS receive an intensive and individualized education. Students encounter English in many innovative ways through learning experiences that include: cultural integration, specialized hybrid-classes, participation in community events, and daily English reading and writing practice.

English language learners have the opportunity to receive several hours of individualized English language training and practice each week, combined with cultural experiences that immerse students in a true North American learning experience.

Grace Christian School understands that effective ESL training must allow students to use their newly acquired language skills in many settings and situations beyond the classroom.  English learners at Grace Christian School not only learn a new language, but fully understand what it means to be… active global citizens, living in a new culture.

English Language learners in the ESL program at GCS will participate in the following:

  • Accommodated & modified classes for academic success
  • One-on-one support from certified ESL instructors
  • 5 hours of weekly, small group instruction in one of four levels of ESL training
  • Daily vocabulary building, pronunciation practice, reading comprehension and written language exercise for whole language mastery
  • Language immersion in specialty content area classes (Biology, Bible, L.A., etc.)
  • Daily audited iPad English Practice
  • Monthly cultural engagement activities
  • IELTS test prep
  • Tutoring & support program
  • Advanced ESL writing for college classes
  • Advanced ESL internships
  • 35 hours of community service per year
  • College admissions consultations and counselling
  • Scholarship opportunities for English Language Learners
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Students are provided with opportunities for after-school tutoring and summer intensive language workshops for year-round learning opportunities.

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