Dear High School Parents and Students,

Grades 7 – 12 will be writing semester exams (midterms)  from Monday, January 29 to Thursday, Feb. 1.  A copy of the exam schedule is attached. Note that afternoon exams denoted by a * begin at 12:30pm.

It is extremely important that students arrive early on these days in order to be prepared and are sitting in the exam room ready to begin at 9 am.  Some teachers allow students to borrow tests to use as study guides; these must be returned before the exam begins.  Some exams require the use of a calculator.  In this case, each student must have his/her own.  It is the student’s responsibility to come prepared for the exam with the materials required by the classroom teacher, e.g. pencil, ruler, paper, etc.

These exams represent major evaluations.  Students should focus intensely on preparing for exams throughout this week and over the weekend; research has proven that a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast promote preparedness and thought processing.

No appointments should be made for times when exams are scheduled.  Barring severe illness or extreme extenuating circumstances, students must be present at school to write exams.  If circumstances occur which are beyond parental control, Mr. Biech should be advised of the situation as soon as possible.

Students who do not have a scheduled exam in the afternoon must be picked up no later than 12:15 pm.  Students who do not have a scheduled exam in the morning should arrive by 12:15pm.

Please note, the Professional Development Day scheduled on February 2 is subject to change (as indicated on the school calendar).  If a storm forces a cancellation during the exam schedule, exams move to the next day.  For example, if there were a storm day on TuesdayTuesday’s exams would move to WednesdayWednesday’s to Thursday and Thursday’s exams to Friday and school would be in session on February 2 for all GCS students.  If there are no weather disruptions in the schedule, the professional development day will go ahead as planned and there will be no school on that date.

If you have questions regarding exam week protocols, please contact your student’s homeroom teacher.







请注意,2月2日星期五学校专业发展日(PD Day)可能会有变化(如学校日历所显示)。如果在考试期间有风暴当天被取消上学,当天的考试将被移到第二天。比如星期二有风暴停学,周二的考试将会被挪动到周三,周三的考试被挪动的周四,周四的考试被挪动到周五。如果考试周没有任何天气影响,PD日则将会照常发生并且当天不上学。