How many years has Grace Christian School been in existence?

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Grace Kindergarten opened in the fall of 1978.  In 1980 Grace Christian School expanded to include grades kindergarten through six.   In 1987 Grace Christian School celebrated its first high school graduation. To date, over 300 students have graduated from Grace Christian School.

Is Grace Christian School academically superior to other Island schools?

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While Grace Christian School does not participate in provincial assessments, its students have consistently performed, on average, in the 85thpercentile nationally (Canadian Achievement Tests).  A strong emphasis is placed on student work ethic and responsibility, and school standards for promotion exceed provincial standards. GCS is an Advanced Placement certified school, offering select AP courses and [...]

How much does it cost to send my children to GCS?

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GCS offers some of the best admission rates in the country as well as a monthly payment option to eliminate the burden of one lump-sum payment.  Also, a number of bursaries are available by application to help defray the cost of tuition.

How does Grace Christian School incorporate technology into its curriculum?

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Grace Christian School is a 21st-century educational institution that integrates technology into all aspects of students learning.  Students learn critical thinking and problem solving as early as Kindergarten through technology use and coding; elementary students collaborate through Google Classroom; junior high and high school students use Project Based Learning through technology and also engineer and [...]

What facilities does Grace Christian School offer?

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Grace Christian School houses seventeen classrooms, a gymnasium, a multipurpose room, a library, an art room, and a chapel area.  The school also has a science lab, computer lab, music room, and various open-learning spaces, as well as a large green space with playground equipment, soccer field, basketball court and seasonal sledding hill.

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