Hello GCS Grade 6 Family!

We had a busy, but successful first full week of online learning.  Thank you to the parents who have partnered with Grade 6 teachers to make this possible!

Please note that we have changed the schedule for this week.  Students will still have Math and Language Arts every day, but we have streamlined the schedule to ensure students are able to work well at a distance.  Please refer to the schedule below. (Note: daily exercise is not included in this schedule, but students should still be exercising and completing their activity logs).

Schedule for April 6th to April 9th 


Math – Lesson 111 Review Page #6-10 (Skip Lesson 110)

LA – Grammar:  Nouns Graded Assignment

Science – Students will conduct a simple experiment of their choice to demonstrate the scientific method. 

French- Complete and post pages 46 and 47. Type and post a written response to the question on page 47. Make a video of you saying the question and the answer. 

Physical Education: Fill in and submit your weekly activity log. 


Math – Lesson 113 – Finding the Base

LA – Read Chapter 11 in A Wrinkle in Time and complete double entry journal.  

Social Studies – Submit Heritage Fair Assignment


Math – Lesson 114 Review of Percents

LA – Read Chapter 12 in A Wrinkle in Time and complete double entry journal.  

Bible –  Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Easter.  Students will then respond with a note, letting me know something they learned, or tell me about their favorite part.  Students may color a picture, about something in the video, if they would rather. Please find the assignment in the activities tab.

French – Complete and post page 48. Post yourself saying the verb faire in French and English. Post a video of yourself reading the sentences on the bottom of page 48. 


Math – Lesson 115 – Using Diameter to Find Circumference

LA –  Writing:  Theme of A Wrinkle in Time

Music – Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting

Social Studies – Heritage Fair Reflection

Heritage Fair Due this Week!

Grade 6 should upload an audio visual / video presentation of their Heritage Fair project to Google Drive and share with Mr. Olsen at jolsen@gcspei.ca by Tuesday, April 7th. This could include a video with a completed backboard or a Google Slide presentation with audio recorded for each slide (if some students were not able to purchase a backboard and supplies). 

This presentation will be evaluated/judged.  

Things to remember when recording a presentation: 

What is in the background? Is the lighting appropriate? Am I looking at the camera?  Is the camera appropriately positioned to capture the details of my board? Have I practiced what I am going to say enough that I can present my best?

Students should work towards completing their boards (or slides) and practice their presentations over the next week.  

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions.

Mr. Olsen