Dear Grade 6 GCS Family,

Thank you for sending your student prepared and excited for school this week.  We had a great first week and got started on some of our course content.

This upcoming week students will experience a normal schedule and be able to start the remainder of their classes.

Math Practice Expectations:

Every school day (except test days) students will be given math practice questions to do.  These questions will be in their yellow Abeka arithmetic books.  Students are expected to complete these questions and self-correct their work the following day.  Students will need to take math home if they do not complete it in class time.  I appreciate your partnership as your student seeks to learn new math concepts this year!

Teacher Contact Information:

Below is a list of the Grade 6 teachers and their subject areas.  Please keep this as a reference should you have any questions throughout the school year about specific subjects.

Homeroom/Math/Social Studies – Mr. Olsen (

Language Arts – Mrs. Thorne (

Science – Mrs. MacNeill (

French/Gym – Mrs. Laird (

Bible/Relationships – Mrs. McGonnell (

Music – Mrs. Wilting (

Art – Mrs. Arthurs (

Library – Mrs. Biech (

Meet the Teacher:

Meet the Teacher will take place on Monday, September 13th from 3-4 pm.  If you would like to come to say hello, I will be in room 307 of the elementary wing.  Please note that health protocols are in place, and a non-medical mask is required to be worn in the building for the duration of your visit.


Daily Math Work

LA: Letter to Mrs. Thorne, due Tuesday


Spelling and Vocabulary Quiz – Friday, September 17th

Math Quiz #1 – Friday, September 17th

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Olsen