Good Morning Parents,

We had a great first week in Grade two last week.  I am excited for this year and getting to know each of your children better.    As you have heard, our school will be closed for the next three days as directed by CPHO. Due to having been in class for only a very short time, students have not yet had much of a chance to dive deeply into their lessons, and most likely do not have their books at home with them. Therefore, the following highlights what we are strongly encouraging our students to do during these three days at home:

1) Math: Students who are comfortable with our online Mathletics program are strongly encouraged to sign-in and to practice some of their foundational math skills.  Sign in using your student account:  Additional math game practice may be posted.  Your child’s Mathletics login can be found inside the front cover of their agenda.     

2) Spelling: Your child’s spelling list can be found in their grey homework bag, in a yellow folder.   We introduced the list on Friday in class, however I did not give them their homework notebook to practice.  I have added an activity to Seesaw to help your child practice each night.   You can edit the same activity and add a new page each night.  I will send an email to you with the instructions on how to log into our class.

3) Reading Schedules: Students are strongly encouraged to read for 15 – 20 minutes each day.  Grade level audio books can also be downloaded for your child using Get Epic:

4) Bible Fun: We encourage all students to take the time to continue learning their assigned Bible verse.  In addition, if your child is looking for an interesting Bible story or devotional, please check out these links below

Praying that we will see you all on Thursday!

Mrs. Barton