We had a great first week in ESL!

Seesaw App

I hope you have heard about the new Seesaw app that all the ESL students are using.  This app empowers students to document what they are learning at school.
Students can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. They will upload all of their iPad verbal English practice, written journals, video conversation questions, and be able to edit all of their work. Plus, the best thing about the app is that teachers and parents can see their work. It is 100% secure and helps with storage. Ask your students to see the first tasks they completed today!

ESL Homework

Also, don’t forget that students will need to complete ESL homework every night. 15 minutes of English speaking practice, journaling and more.


Did you see Mr. Biech today in the parking lot? He was reminding parents about the road closing for the next two weeks. This will make getting to GCS a little harder. Please see the attached pdf file if you did not get a copy of this important information. Directions to GCS during Capital Drive Construction


Also, ALL students that are in Level 1 or 2 ESL should be in at least 2 days of after school tutoring to aid in the reinforcement of new English skills. Level 3 & 4 will benefit from tutoring of content area classes. These are hard classes and extra help at grade level. Tutoring is Tuesday – Friday 3:00 – 4:15. Please contact Khuizing@gcspei.ca to register today.

After School Policy  

Please make sure that when you pick up your children, that you watch your children after school. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the children safe on the playground and in the parking lot.

Moms & Dads Class 

You are invited to a 9 week course for ESL Moms & Dads. This class will help you with your English Language Skills, aid your student with ESL homework, and help you meet new GCS families. There is no fee for the course and child care is provided.