With Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year last week, and now Islander Day tomorrow, we have much to celebrate this February! I hope everyone enjoys the day off to spend some time with family.

Olympic Reading Challenge

The Olympic Reading Challenge is still going full force this week and I am proud to announce that, thus far, students from Grade 3-4 have earned 17 medals, not including the ones I have not signed off on yet! I want to encourage all students to keep going with the challenge and see what they can accomplish in the next seven days. Forms are due back on February 26 and prizes will be awarded February 28. Come one, readers! You can do it!


Coming up in March to break the monotony of winter are elementary skating days! This year, we will be traveling to the APM Center in Cornwall on three separate dates: March 1, 8, and 16. Skate times are scheduled for 1:30-2:30. Be on the lookout for a permission form with additional details.

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

Grade 3

  • Wednesday – Math Test 17
  • Thursday – Language Test 8
  • Friday – Spelling Test 18

Grade 4

  • Wednesday – Language Quiz 20
  • Thursday – Math Test 9, Language Test 7
  • Friday – Spelling Test 18

Important Dates

March 1 – Elementary Skating
March 1 – Storm Game with GCS Cheerleaders
March 8 – Elementary Skating
March 16 – Elementary Skating
March 19-23 – Winter Carnival
March 23 – Ski Day at Brookvale for Grades 3-12
March 26 – April 4 – March Break