Dear Parents,


A lot is happening over the next few weeks. I hope this information is helpful as you plan for the end of the school year.


CATs – Canadian Assessment Testing will take place next week for ALL students at GCS. This is a comprehensive test that allows Grace Christian School to monitor teacher efficacy and student progress at grade level. It also allows GCS to see its ranking with other schools in Canada. These tests do not affect your students grades at all.

  • Testing will take place next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at different times in the morning. Students will have regular classes in the afternoon.
  • All students will report to regular homeroom before 9:00 am.
  • Students will need HB 2 pencils, as mechanical pencils can NOT be used.
  • Students will not be able to bring anything else into the testing rooms.
  • Please note that if your student is in ESL and are a level 2,3, or 4 learner, they will take the tests without accommodations. If your student is a Level 1 learner, they will be having intensive language workshops with Dr. Huizing in the morning.
  • Homework may be a little lighter this week, but there is still language practice every night!


Report Cards will be given to students on Thursday, 4/19 at 2:55 pm.

  • Please ask to see your student’s progress, sign, and return the envelop and signature card to your child’s homeroom teacher.
  • Keep the report card for your records.
  • Parent – Teacher Conferences will take place on Thursday night 4/19 and Friday, 4/20. Make sure to sign up for your child’s classes on line.
  • There are no classes on 4/20.


Friday, April 27 – A Knight to Remember

We hope you will join us in celebrating the significant contributions of Anne Laird, Elsie Barrett, and Neil Thompson throughout their years of service at GCS thus far.

  • Tickets are now available at the school officeand should be purchased by Monday, April 16th.
  • The event will take place on Friday, April 27th starting at 6:30 pm
  • Tickets are $30 each.


Re-enrollment for the 2018 – 2019 School Year is Due by April 30

Over the years, the reputation of Grace Christian School has grown, attracting new families to our school, both locally and globally.  We have seen enormous growth in the student body throughout this school year and have already received numerous inquiries for the 2018-19 year.  With our new addition that will be opening in September, we are excited to be able to accommodate even more students throughout all of our grades.  However, even with this new space for more students, some of our classes are already full (or very close) for next year.  It is for this reason that you must re-enroll before the end of April to ensure your child(ren)’s spot for the next school year.  If you have already re-enrolled (including the $200 re-enrollment fee), your child(ren)’s spot(s) are secured for the 2018-19 school year.


Last day of Moms & Dads Class is April 28, 2018


Family Fun Run – May 5 Did you register for the family fun run? The GCS Family Fun Run is a run/walk event promotes physical fitness and brings the community together.

  • Students get to walk / run with their teachers and patents!
  • All the proceeds will go towards our school P.E program to buy some sports equipment.
  • It’s not too late to register! Click this link go to the school’s office to register.








CATs- 加拿大评估测试下周将会在GCS全校举行



  • 测试将于下周二周三和周四的上午举行。学生在下午正常上课。
  • 学生都将在上午九点正常到达教室
  • 学生需要使用HB 2 铅笔,不能使用自动铅笔。
  • 学生不需要带其他物品。
  • 请注意,如果您的孩子是ESL学生,并且在2-4级,考试中不会有语言帮助。如果您的孩子是1级,他们将会和Huizing老师一起进行考试。
  • 本周的作业可能会轻松一些,但ESL学生仍有每天的语言练习。



  • 请从您孩子那里领取成绩单,签名并放进信封交还给老师。
  • 请保留您孩子的成绩单。
  • 周四晚上和周五上午将有家长会,请确保您在网上报名。
  • 4月20日不上课。


星期五4月27日 纪念活动

我们希望您能加入我们的纪念活动,庆祝Anne Laird,Elsie Barrett,和Neil Thompson在GCS服务多年的重要贡献。

  • 门票在学校办公室可以购买,一直到4月16日
  • 活动在周五27下午6:30进行
  • 每张门票30加元







家庭快乐奔跑 5月5日 您是否注册了家庭快乐奔跑日?这是一项学校的跑步活动,旨在促进身体健康并于社区融合。

  • 学生可以和家长老师一起走路奔跑。
  • 所有的收益将用于学校体育活动和购买体育器材。
  • 现在登记还不玩,点击链接或者前往学校办公室。



Thank you for partnering with us in your child’s educational journey.

The third quarter report cards are being sent home with your child(ren) next Thursday, April 19 after school.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday evening (April 19) from 6-9pm and Fridaymorning (April 20) from 10am-12pm.  We are again using to sign up for conferences this quarter.  The details are below.

Please remember that these conferences are an important opportunity for parents and teachers to partner together in the student’s academic, social, and emotional success.  While we know that you often want to meet with each of your child’s teachers, it may be difficult to schedule conferences with all of them; therefore, we understand if you are able to meet with only a few of your child’s teachers.  Be aware that each conference is scheduled for 10 minutes; if you require a longer time or cannot efficiently schedule a meeting during the two conference days, please contact the teacher directly to set up an alternative meeting date/time.

Principal Biech, Mrs. Biech, and Mrs. Wilting will be unavailable for these conference dates due to being out of province.  If you desire to meet with them, please email them individually to schedule a meeting the following week. 

If it is necessary to have your children with you, they are to be under your direct supervision at all times in the school building.  Due to safety considerations and church function reasons, the gym and church sections of the building (except for the entry area) are off-limits.


  1. Go to
  2. Click “view” beside the teacher’s name you want to sign up for first (orange box)
  3. Choose an available timeslot for that teacher by clicking the green “sign up” button
  4. Log in via Facebook OR enter your email address (you need to click “confirm” on the next page)
  5. Fill in your name and your child’s name; your phone number is NOT required
  6. Click “save and done”
  7. Click “save” at the top of the screen (blue and white box)
  • You will see a confirmation screen and will also receive a reminder email about that conference time/teacher; it is advised that you also record your interview teacher/time separately

If you have more teachers to sign up for, click the blue/white “Go back to all signups” button and repeat steps 2-7


  • Please select only one timeslot per teacher; if you wish to change timeslots, you can click the link in your reminder email and delete the original timeslot and choose a new one
  • If you wish to create an account (simply by adding a password), you can do so (it’s free!); this allows you to see a digital list of all of your signups for this parent-teacher conference date.  Just click the “register” button at the top and register using the same email address you used to sign up for the conferences.
  • The signup website will be available/open until 4:00pmon Thursday, April 19.  Please ensure you register for any necessary conference times before that time.
  • Language Arts 9 and Biology 10 have separate sign-up forms to ensure that both teachers in each of these courses are available to meet with you together.  If you need a conference for either of these courses, be sure to choose them (as opposed to just with one of those teachers).
  • Literature 11 has conference times scheduled for Monday, April 23 from 3pm-4pminstead of the Thursday/Friday If you wish to have conference with Mr. Allin/Dr. Huizing, please use THIS LINK to sign up for that class.

If you would like assistance signing up for conferences, GCS representatives will be just inside the school entrance on MondayTuesday, and Wednesday from 3:00-3:15pm to help you sign up.





家长和老师见面会将在周四晚上(4.19)6-9点和周五上午(4.20   )10-12点举行。我们正在推出一种新的方式,使用在线网络平台登记注册会议。细节见如下:


Principal Biech, Mrs. Biech, and Mrs. Wilting下周将离省。如果您需要和他们见面, 和老师联系之后会面。

如果有必要让你的孩子陪伴你,他们将一直在你的直接监督下出现在学校中 出于安全考虑和教堂用作的原因,大楼的健身房和教堂区(入口区除外)都是禁区。


  • 前往
  • 点击要查看的教师姓名旁边的“view”按钮(橙色框)
  • 点击绿色的“sign up”按钮,选择该老师空余的时间段
  • 通过Facebook登录或输入您的电子邮件地址(您需要点击下一页的“confirm”
  • 填写你的姓名和你的孩子的名字; 您的电话号码不是必需的
  • 点击”save and done”
  • 点击屏幕上方的”save” (蓝白方格)
  • You will see a confirmation screen and will also receive a reminder email about that conference time/teacher; it is advised that you also record your interview teacher/time separately
  • 您将看到一个确认屏幕,并将收到关于该会议时间/老师的提醒邮件; 建议您记录下您与老师的会议时间

如果您有更多老师注册,请点击蓝色/白色的”Go back to all signups”按钮并重复步骤2-7


  • 请为每一个老师只选择一个时间段,如果您想要改变时间的话,您可以点击邮箱中的提醒右键并且删除之前的预约时间选择一个新的
  • 如果你想创建一个账户(只需要添加一个密码),你可以这样做(它是免费的!这可以让你看到这个家长教师会议日期的所有注册的数字列表。只需点击顶部的“注册”按钮,并使用您用于注册会议的相同电子邮件地址进行注册。
  • 注册网站将于2月8日(星期四)开放并持续到下午四点。请确保您在此之前注册任何必要的会议时间。
  • 语言艺术9年级和生物10年级有单独的注册表格,以确保这个课程的教师们都可以与您一起见面。 如果您需要参加这些课程的一个会议,一定要选择他们(而不只是与其中一个教师)。
  • 文学11年级有单独的家长会开放时间于周一,2月12日下午3-4点,而不是周四和周五。如果您想要和 Allin 和Dr. Huizing 进行会议请使用THIS LINK来报名。