Happy New Year and welcome back to school!

I pray that you all had a good rest and joyous celebration.

I wanted to start the new year off with some important reminders for the success of your students.


  1. We need your MOST current information. We are missing many updated local phone numbers, emails, and addresses. If your information has changed since you had applied to GCS… we need it for the emergency information list. See the attached Current Student Information sheet and get that back to Dr. Huizing as soon as you can.


  1. Mid-term Exams are January, 29 – February, 1. All students MUST attend these important tests. PLEASE schedule Chinese / Lunar New Year Celebrations accordingly.

ALL ESL students will be getting study guides this week.  They should begin their review soon as these exams are cumulative – assessing all the work from the year this far. Studying old tests is a great way to review!


ALL ESL students (grades 1 – 12) will be taking this half year assessment of English language skills. Appointments will be made to discuss strengths and weaknesses of language progress on Feb. 8 and 9th.


  1. We are an English speaking school. While GCS understands the importance of the student’s native language. GCS is an English only speaking school.

The GCS policy for not respecting this important rule is:


  • 1st offence: Warning from teacher.
  • 2nd offence: Discussion with Director of ESL
  • 3rd offence: Student is sent home for the day and receives unexcused absence                                     for the day.
  • 4th offence: Meeting with Mr. Biech, Director of ESL, and parents to discuss                             the GCS discipline plan.

Please see the student handbook for further information.

  1. Cell Phone Policy – Please see the student handbook for further information. Cell phones or other communications media are not allowed in the hallways, washrooms or classrooms. They may only be kept, turned off, in a student’s locker and are to be used strictly on an emergency basis, with the homeroom teacher’s permission.  Many students are using their cell phones for communications and gaming during the school day. Cell phones will be confiscated and parents will need to retrieve them from Dr. Huizing.
  2. Plagiarism – copying and pasting and taking another’s work or idea and making it your own. While this practice may be common in others schools. There are many big papers and projects dues over the next few months. Plagiarizing another’s work is considered cheating and will not be tolerated at GCS. Please see the student handbook for further information.
  3. Do not forget that your ESL student has homework EVERY NIGHT! Many students are getting poor grades in ESL for not keeping up with Seesaw practice EVERY NIGHT! Catching up once a week does NOT help with learning a language. Daily practice is what is necessary.


Also, do not forget to check My School Management and the GCS website for the most up to date grades at https://gcs.myschoolmanagement.com/login. The GCS calendar https://www.gcspei.ca/monthly-calendar/ for important dates and information.


Praying that we all have a blessed and joy-filled 2018.