Jan. 18


Dear Parents of English Learners,

Lately, the teachers of GCS have been made aware of extensive gaming and internet use taking place on mobile devices by your students.  This is evidenced by students falling asleep in our classes, using devices during classes, and coming to school unprepared. Many students are rushing to complete homework during the first 10 minutes of homeroom, not giving their best efforts.  This is impacting grades in all classes.

At this very important time of the year (Midterm Exams and the end of the quarter) students must be focused and engaged.  Please consider limiting internet and device use.  It is appropriate for a parent to take the device of a child to help with focused studying.  Many parents turn off the internet at 11:00 pm to insure proper sleep patterns.

Please consider the consequences of poor test scores and study skills on the academic excellence that GCS expects from your student.

Attached is the Midterm Exam schedule, please make sure that you and your student are aware of the exam policies listed below:

  • If school is canceled, exams missed will take place the day school is back in session
  • When no exams are scheduled in the afternoon, students are to be picked up by 12:00pm.
  • When no exams are scheduled in the morning, students should not arrive until 12:15pm.

Thank you for partnering with GCS!



最近,GCS学校的老师意识到您的学生在电子设备上过度地使用网络和玩游戏。这造成许多学生在课堂上睡觉,在课堂上使用电子设备,并且没有准备好就来上学。许多学生在早晨指导时间的10分钟里赶作业,而不是在作业上展示他们能  做得最好的。这个现象影响着所有年级的所有班级。




  • l 如果当天学校被取消,错过的考试将在第二天补上。
  • l 如果下午没有安排您的孩子的考试,请在中午12:00来接您的孩子。
  • l 如果早上没有安排您的孩子的考试,学生不应该在12:15前到达学校


2018 Midterm Exam Schedule (1)