Greetings! What a beautiful Sunday we are having! Take note below of all the year-end events happening at GCS!

Year-end Trip to Camp

This Thursday, June 13th, students in grades 1-3 will be travelling by bus to Canoe Cove Christian Camp for their year-end trip.  More information will be shared on your child’s permission slip which will be sent home early this week.

Show and Tell

This Friday, we will be having our final Grade Two Show and Tell of the year. Students may bring in a special toy or showcase a personal talent.

Tests and Homework

We are all finished with tests this school year. This week, as a final homework assignment, I will be encouraging our Grade Two class to read books of their choice for fun. We will also be doing some class read alouds. Students may bring in a book of their choice to read to the class as long as it can be finished in a timely fashion. Let’s keep reading this summer!

Other Upcoming Celebrations

The month of June is full of ceremonies and graduations here at GCS and you do not want to miss them! Closer to these dates, specific times and locations for these events will be posted, so remember to check the school’s social media and school calendar.

  • June 12th: Grade Six Graduation
  • June 13th:  Year End Field Trip (Canoe Cove)
  • June 14th: Grade Twelve Graduation
  • June 18th: Kindergarten Graduation
  • June 20th: Family Day at Sandspit
  • June 21st: School Closing


Ms. Jenkins