It may be the final week before March Break, but it’s a busy one!  Read on to find out everything that will be happening in the days ahead.
Winter Carnival Theme Days
There are a number of dress up days this week and students are encouraged to participate each day, if they so choose.  Please remember that all costumes should be modest, clean, neat, and appropriate.  I can’t wait to see what each student comes up with.
Monday:  PJ Day – Come enjoy a day of learning in your PJs
Tuesday:  Twin Day – Plan to “twin” with a classmate, sibling, or even a toy.  Extra challenge? Be triplets!
Wednesday:  Holiday Celebration Day – Dress up in a way that represents a special holiday
Thursday:  Ski Day – We will be heading to Brookvale for skiing
Friday:  Superhero Day – Dress up as a superhero!!

Mathletics Competition
As part of our weekly learning, students have the opportunity to work and play using an online program, Mathletics.  Our school is registered for a competition that began March 4 and will continue until March 27.  Points are earned through completing activities and playing Live Mathletics.  Students have their codes in their agendas and can be encouraged to play at home, as well as throughout March Break.

Skating (grades K-3)

Students in grades K-3 will be going skating once again this Wednesday afternoon.  Please ensure that your child comes to school with all necessary equipment.  If your child will not be skating, he/she must be picked up at school at the beginning of lunch time (12:15).

Ski Day – Let’s Try This Again!

On Thursday, March 12, our class will be heading to Brookvale for a day of skiing.  New permission slips will be sent home.  Any yellow slips and money I received will be put toward this trip.  If you have not sent in the two slips and payment, please do so before Thursday.  Please make sure your child has the appropriate snow gear and has a lunch that does not require a microwave.  We need drivers for this outing, so if you are available and would be willing to escort a few students to Brookvale, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can coordinate with other teachers to ensure that we can get everyone there!

Ms. Collette
This Friday will be Ms. Collette’s last day with us in Grade 3.  It would be very nice if each student could make a little card or write her a sweet thank you note at home so that we can surprise her on Friday.
This Week’s Assessments

Monday: Bible verse quiz

Tuesday:  Prepositions Test

Wednesday:  Math Test 22

Friday:  Spelling Test 22

Important Dates
Mar. 11 – Skating

Mar. 12 – Ski Day

Mar. 16-20 – March Break (no school)

Have a great week!

Mrs. Smylie