We are just a couple weeks away from finishing the first half of our school year.  The students have settled back into the groove of things inside the classroom and are excited to embark on some of the learning experiences that I have shared with them.  I encourage you to challenge your child to tell you more about what they are discovering in some of the following classes:

  • History Class:  Throughout the next 6 weeks, students will be gearing up to participate in a mock election.  Students will engage in inquiry work by seeking answers to their compelling questions about citizenship, government, Canadian politics and democracy.  Students will be divided into ‘ridings’ which will be represented by each of the elementary classrooms.  Within each riding, the students will become candidates, deliver speeches to their constituents, and defend their party platforms which reflect the issues that matter most to them as young Canadians. Students will also utilize technology to design their own campaign materials and complete an individualized government scrapbook that reflects their learning. While the majority of this work will be completed in class, students may be required to complete some of their work at home.  As always, I sincerely appreciate the involvement of parents in assisting their child to deliver a quality project that reflects the student’s personal excellence.
  • Writing Class:  Students will refine their craft of persuasive writing to assist them in preparing for their mock election and the debate process.
  • Science Class:  We are very excited to have our student-teacher, Mr. Wood, teaching Gr 5/6 Science for the next several weeks.  The students will be studying the diversity of ecosystems and explore ways in which they can reduce their human imprint on them.  Following this unit, I will resume teaching Gr 5/6 Science.  I have some very exciting plans for bringing out the engineers in my students as we examine the central nervous system, the human brain, and the realities of living or caring for individuals with dementia.

Assignments & Assessments

Thursday:  Spelling Quiz 14
Friday:  Math Quiz

Important Dates

Feb 2 – Professional Development Day
Feb 8 – Parent Teacher Conferences (pm)
Feb 9 – Parent Teacher Conferences (am) – No Class
Feb 19 – Islander Day – No Class

Wishing you all a restful weekend,
Mrs. M