Greetings! Take note of the fun-filled days happening at GCS for Love of Reading Week.

Loving of Reading Week

Monday – Creative Character Costumes – Come dressed as a character from a story you enjoy.

Tuesday – Bring a Brilliant Book – Bring in a book that you enjoy to share with your class.

Wednesday – Magnificent Mysterious Match-Up – Test your literary knowledge with a character/quote to book matching activity.

Thursday – Perfectly Patterned Page markers – Create a special bookmark to hold the spot in your reading adventure.

Friday – Snuggly, Sleepy Storytime – Wear your PJs and bring a favorite bedtime book.

Skating & Skiing For Elementary:

This Wednesday, students in grades 1-3 will be going skating in the afternoon. Permission slips were sent home last Thursday. Please take note of all information regarding this event and send the signed slip back to school with your child.

Students that wish to participate in skating must have their own skates and helmet.  Students are not obligated to participate, however should they wish to, please make arrangements for them to acquire the proper skating equipment.

Important Events

As a way to show my support of each of my student’s extracurricular activities, I would like to hear about upcoming performances or games. If it is something I am able to attend, I’d love a heads up by email at

This Week in Grade Two

Spelling – List 15 (Test on Friday)

Language – We will begin a unit on story telling.

Math –  We will review carrying to the thousands place and writing numbers to the ten thousands place. We will also begin analyzing bar graphs.

Social Studies – We will continue reviewing elements of the different regions we have traveled to so far.

Tests this Week

Wednesday – Math Test

Friday – Spelling Test (List 15)


Mrs. MacDougall