Hello Parents,

It has been in interesting couple of weeks with storms and now the new measures put in place for the next three days.  Praying that we will be back to in-person learning on Thursday.

As we look ahead to the next 48 hours, we want to ensure that our elementary students are continuing to participate in two great learning activities:  The Mathletics March Madness Competition & The GCS Reading Challenge.

Mathletics March Madness Competition

Grace Christian School is hosting its very own Mathletics March Madness Competition! Mathletics is an award-winning interactive site that aims to improve math skills through fun activities linked to the Canadian curriculum. Students earn points by completing activities and answering questions in Live Mathletics competitions. When the contest closes on March 31, the highest scoring student in each grade will receive a prize!  Also, the class with the highest average points will win a class pizza party! Check the blog for weekly updates about which class is in the lead. If students do not remember their login information, please contact their homeroom teacher. The contest starts today, so you have been given an opportunity to get a great head start over the next 3 days.

The GCS Reading Challenge

During Love of Reading Week, Mrs. Biech launched the GCS Reading Challenge. Students were sent home with “Heart Charts” to track their reading progress in the weeks ahead. Students are strongly encouraged to spend extra time reading over the next few days so that they can fill up their chart!

Bible Fun

Because of the storms last week, grade two was not assigned a new Bible verse.  However, if your child is looking for an interesting Bible story or devotional, please check out these links below:

1)  https://www.raisinggreatkids.org/video/the-israelites-did-what

2)  https://www.raisinggreatkids.org/video/show-you-care

3)  https://www.raisinggreatkids.org/video/patience-with-others

4)  https://www.raisinggreatkids.org/video/pay-patience-forward

If we do return to class on Thursday, grade two will have their spelling test for List # 16 on Friday.   Please watch for updates as the current circumstances within our province evolve.

Praying we will see you  on Thursday.

Mrs. Barton