As we say hello to November and its crisp weather, we also say goodbye to the first quarter of our school year!

Social Studies Map Project

Last week in Grade 3 students enjoyed displaying and presenting the maps they created as part of our Social Studies class.  It was so fun to see their enthusiasm for their classmates’ maps as well as their own!


In Math, students have begun working with a new online program called Xtramath.  This program is designed to help improve basic math fact mastery (first in addition facts, followed by subtraction, multiplication, and possibly division…if given enough attention and practice). You will notice that it will be included in our homework 2-3 times a week.  It should only take a few minutes to get through a daily practice.

Language Arts

We have been learning how to find the subject and verb in a sentence and how to diagram them. This is new to the students, however, they will be diagraming sentences for the next several years!  You can help your child by asking them to find the subject and verb in sentences from whatever they are reading or sentences you make up for them.  If he/she is unsure, here are the key questions to ask: (subject) Who or what is this sentence about? (verb) The subject what?  Helpful hints: The subject is a noun (or a group of nouns) that is found towards the beginning of the sentence.  The verb is almost always right after the subject.  Some verbs are not action verbs…they are “state of being” verbs or “linking” verbs (e.g. is, am, are, was, were).

Assessments This Week

Tuesday: Math Test #3
Friday: Spelling Quiz (List #7)

Dates to Remember

  • November 11 – Remembrance Day (No School)
  • November 12–13 – PD Days (No School)
  • November 19 – First Quarter Report Cards
  • November 19 – Parent Teacher Conferences (6pm – 9pm)
  • November 20 – Parent Teacher Conferences (10am – 12pm) (No School)
  • Friday, November 27 – PD Day (No School)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Mrs. Smylie