Good afternoon! I hope everyone has been relaxing over this beautiful PEI weekend after our busy first week of school. I am so thankful for the sun shining on the leaves as they begin to change colours. First off, I would like to thank you all for dropping off your kiddos as the school begins and ready to learn alongside their classmates. Starting off our mornings strong is so important for our busy learning studio. I’d also like to thank all whom I have had conversations with who come alongside our team at GCS and support our pursuit in making this year a successful year of growth for our students. We are very happy to have all of you a part of our team and I look forward to talking with you more throughout the year.

Homework Folders: For those of you who are new to our homework system in Grade Two, every night your child will take home their Spelling folder (Yellow) and notebook, Handbook for Reading, and homework folder (Blue). Your child is encouraged to write out their Spelling list two times each night in preparation for their Spelling quiz on Friday. Along with their Spelling homework, your child has a reading log in the middle of their homework folder for them to write down what they are reading from home and for how long. Students should also be reading in their handbook and practicing their memory verse which is also located in the middle of their homework folder. If your child does not complete their seatwork during class time, the remainder of their work will be sent home to ensure that they do not fall behind. This catch-up work or corrections should never take longer than fifteen minutes to complete.

After School: Soccer camp will begin this Wednesday, September 19th, after school. On Friday, Tumbling Club will take place immediately after school for it’s second week.

GCS Apparel & Online Store:

Visit our online GCS Clothing store to get all of your school and athletic apparel. Show your school spirit with high quality shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more. Shipping is free and most clothing is custom designed by you! Check it out: 

Milk Orders & School Lunch Program:

We are pleased to offer the milk program again this year! More information will follow in the coming weeks.

After School Care:

With the majority of families in today’s society having both Mom and Dad in the workforce, Grace Christian School has recognized the need for additional support for your child during the after-school hours. We are blessed to offer a comprehensive After-School Program, Monday to Friday, from 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM, within our school building.  This option is available to all elementary students for a fee of $12/child or $16/family.  This fee includes a light snack, opportunities for homework assistance, and outdoor play when possible.  If you would like to use our after-school program, please contact Mrs. Victoria Kelly ( for more details.

Hot Lunch Program:
Please keep an eye out for more information about our school’s Hot Lunch Program which will be provided in the near future.  Although lunch forms will be sent home each week to indicate the options available, parents may also wish to check our online school calendar to plan ahead.  This week, students will have the option of purchasing fries and hotdogs on Tuesday.  The cost of each item is $2.00 each.  Please return your child’s order form and payment by Tuesday at 9AM.
Scrip Program:

Scrip is Grace Christian School’s simple fundraising program using gift cards from popular retailers. The school purchases these gift cards at a discount and resells them to parents for the face value of the card. Families will earn back the difference of the purchase (to a specified amount) to be returned to that family in June in the form of their choice of gift cards, tuition bursary, donation to GCS staff, or donation to GCS Plant a Seed Fund.  Please remember to stop by the GCS Armoury just inside the new school atrium to purchase your gift cards.

Important Dates: 

Sept 28 – Professional Development Day (No Class)
Oct 8 – Thanksgiving (No Class)

Quizzes this Week:

Sept 21st – Spelling Quiz (List #2)

As always, feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Ms. Jenkins