I would like to thank you all for doing your best to ensure that your children continue their education from home.  Every morning a video is posted outlining what the day’s work will be.  The work is also typed out for those whose access to video is limited.  A photo is also posted for those students who work better with a colourful visual.  All instructions for the Activities are clearly laid out for the students and they should be carefully and thoroughly reading them before they begin the assignments.

Last week was a very busy one for everyone, and perhaps a little too heavy.  Please note that we have changed the schedule for this week.  Students will still have Math and Language Arts every day, but we have streamlined the schedule to ensure students are able to work well at a distance.  Please refer to the schedule below. (Note: daily exercise is not included in this schedule, but students should still be exercising and completing their activity logs).



Math: Students will login to www.iknowit.com  and complete the assigned activity and complete work in their math book.

Language Arts: Vocabulary words will be introduced.  Students will find definitions for these words using the online dictionary found at https://kids.wordsmyth.net/we/ Reading will continue in Secret in the Maple Tree, with work assigned based on the reading.

French: Students will complete a simple review through a Seesaw Activity.

Science: Students will learn key vocabulary terms to use later this month to describe how their “DIY chain reaction machine” or “marble run” works.

Gym: Fill in and submit your weekly activity log.


Math: Students will login to www.iknowit.com and complete the assigned activity and complete work in their math book.

Language Arts: Work in Secret in the Maple tree will continue, as will the Creative Writing assignment.

Social Studies: Research project will begin.


Math: Math Test (2 assignments at www.iknowit.com) and an activity assigned on Prodigy (FYI: There is no special button to click; students just need to play for 5-10 minutes and that should complete the assignment).

Language Arts: Students will complete a Vocabulary Seesaw Activity and continue their Creative Writing assignment.

Bible: Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Easter.  Students will then respond with a note, letting me know something they learned, or tell me about their favorite part.  Students may color a picture about something in the video, if they would rather.  Please find the assignment in the Activities tab.


Math: Students will complete the work in their math book as well as the assigned Seesaw Activity.

Language Arts: Vocabulary Test (find it in the Seesaw Activities tab).  Creative Writing assignment continues.

Music: Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting

As we approach Easter, may we all take time to reflect on the true meaning of this most wonderful holiday.  Jesus Christ went to the cross, died for our sins, and rose again, giving those who have accepted Him as their Saviour the gift of eternal life with God the Father.  Rejoice!

Mrs. Smylie