Starting from the earliest years in junior kindergarten, right through to grade twelve, our students are engaged in a variety of performing arts activities, both in and out of the classroom.

Our youngest students participate in an active music program, with instruments and activities tailored to early learning and development. In the elementary years, music students participate in movement, singing, and instrument playing and are provided with opportunities to sing in choirs, to play in large and small ensembles, and to perform as soloists.

Our Kindergarten and elementary students also participate in drama performances at a variety of school assemblies and services throughout the school year.

Our high school has a rich foundation for their continuing musical arts program. Our music teachers inspire, encourage and challenge our students to grow their God-given talents. Students at this level are provided opportunities to craft their musical talents in choirs or praise and worship teams, leading at weekly chapel services. High school credited courses are offered in Art, Music, and Drama; throughout the year, students are given the opportunity to showcase their skills in planned events.

“Music class offers students the opportunity to learn music literacy and music terminology. It exposes them to a variety of musical styles and equips them with the knowledge and language to engage music. It also teaches the importance of appreciating music from other cultures around the world.  While visiting our school be prepared to be enticed by the interesting sounds wafting through the air. It is not uncommon to hear students practicing for an upcoming event, preparing to lead worship at chapel or simply spending time during their lunch hour enjoying the fantastic instruments our students have access to.”

Imagine the growth and development in students as they explore the interesting and exciting world of art. At Grace Christian school art class allows students to improve their skills and experiment with new media and techniques. Students will learn the elements and principles of design as demonstrated in God’s creation and in artist’s work throughout history.

Our art teachers inspire, challenge and encourage students to achieve growth in their skills while producing tasteful art. When walking down our halls the outcomes of student work are often on display and are wonderful. We are proud of our students and their accomplishments. In the spring be sure to attend our art show that celebrates the opportunities Grace Christian School offers our students in the arts.