Project Description


Hannah M is a dedicated student with a big heart and passion for learning. Hannah’s favourite subject at GCS is Christian Ethics. When she’s not in the classroom, she can be found playing basketball, volleyball and bass guitar, or reading a good book. Hannah is proud to be Worship Team Leader, and says that her biggest goal is to be a devoted follower of Jesus. Hannah believes that GCS has given her an environment where her faith has been challenged and strengthened, and says that she appreciates the unique opportunities she has to make her faith a main focus in her education.

During her time at GCS, Hannah has had many outstanding successes and is most proud of being a part of the GCS basketball team. Hannah loved watching her team grow from originally having limited opportunities to play, to winning a provincial championship. She believes that her team is a great example of how dedication and perseverance can push us to accomplish great things.

Hannah was honored with one of the top Provincial Heritage Fair awards for her project on Residential Schools in Canada. She created a powerful video, which we invite you to watch by clicking here: