Project Description


I love math.  I love the challenge of a thought-provoking question.  I love the orderly, logical process involved in finding a solution.  Most of all, I love the way God chooses to reveal Himself through the beauty of math.

Mathematics is about discovery.  I am amazed how mathematicians are able to observe and formulate connections to reveal the patterns God wove into His universe.  Just as the explorers discovered “new worlds,” over the centuries mathematicians have discovered numeric relationships, constants, that describe and govern our world.  From the incredible number π to the graph generated by the Mandelbrot set, God’s intricate design is being unveiled.  Formulas that we take for granted (area, volume, force, etc.) exist because God created them and brilliant human intellects recognized their existence.

I am so privileged to teach math from a Biblical worldview.  Frankly, I would be at a loss to do it otherwise, because it is so closely linked to who God is.

God is the God of order, the God of absolutes, the God who never changes.  Truth, all truth, begins and ends with Him.  Today, society tells us that truth is relative, i.e. what is moral and right depends on a circumstance, a person, a choice. Although relativism prevails in many areas, this phenomenon does not yet exist in mathematics.  Here absolute truth reigns: two plus two is still four in 2016 and always will be.


Mind-boggling concepts like the eternality and infinity of the God-head can be modeled as simply, yet profoundly, as drawing a number line.  A line has no beginning or end; there is no limit to how many numbers exist between any two numbers one can choose.  How amazing that God would choose to reveal Himself in something as abstract yet concrete as numbers!

As logic and submission to authority have denigrated to emotion and me-ism, God’s order and plan for humanity is too often disregarded in our world.  Mathematics is one field where His pre-eminence is still supreme; how shocked many mathematicians would be to know their work continues to glorify God!

I am so privileged to be able to challenge young minds to see the beauty, structure and practical applications of mathematics, and guide them in their mastery of the concepts and logical problem solving that will provide them with a foundation for a successful future.  Most of all I am blessed to be able to share with them some of the abundant truths of their Father, God, and hopefully add a new dimension to their appreciation and worship of Him.