Project Description


We are proud to introduce Rachel, an alumni of GCS who excelled both in and out of the classroom! Rachel came to Grace Christian School in her 10th grade and immediately felt at home. She loved GCS because when she was at school with her peers and teachers, she felt as though she was surrounded by a supportive family.

Rachel is a curious and dedicated student with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to give back to her community. From a young age, Rachel has been drawn to Canadian history, and has more recently discovered a passion for law and political science through her grade 10 and 11 classes. It was these interests that inspired her to apply for a position as a page for the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island. Rachel was honoured and proud to have been selected to serve for the fall session of 2015 and the spring session of 2016.

The Legislative Page program is a unique experience that gives students like Rachel an opportunity to see first-hand how laws are created in our province and to gain a better understanding of the work of the Legislative Assembly.

During her time as a page, Rachael was assigned numerous duties that were essential to helping the Legislative Assembly run smoothly. Pages are responsible for attending sittings of the Legislative Assembly, the delivery of documents and messages within the Legislative Chamber, Province House and to the Legislative Annex, the preparation and delivery of refreshments to Members (which could be quite challenging – the drink orders could be tricky, and she was required to bow while balancing a glass tray!), photocopying documents, and other responsibilities as assigned by the Speaker or the Clerks.

What Rachel enjoyed most about her experience as a page was how much she learned. The members of the Legislative Assembly went above and beyond to make the pages feel involved, welcome, and informed. They took the time to ask Rachel her thoughts, feelings and opinions on the matters being discussed, and provided their own insights into the proceedings so that she could better understand things.

Rachel is attending the University of Prince Edward Island, where she has been accepted into their Bachelor of Arts Program. Her plans for her education don’t stop there, though! Once she completes her undergraduate degree, she hopes to obtain a Bachelor of Education so that she may one day return to Grace Christian School as a teacher!