Each October GCS celebrates a week of Science & Technology that sees students immersed in a week of innovation and discovery.  This past week, GCS students experienced a week full of new and interesting activities, seminars, and assignments all surrounding the subject of science and technology. Both of these disciplines play integral roles in today’s society, and students from young to old were able to see this come to life.

The elementary students had a busy week, starting with a visit from UPEI’s “Let’s Talk Science” group.  During this presentation, students were given the assignment of extracting DNA from the nucleus of strawberries and bananas. All elementary classes had a visit from Mr. Ellis where he talked about robotics and how they make life today more convenient. Students enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the interesting topic of robotics. Grade five and six students had the opportunity to create music through code using the program, Scratch. All of GCS had the opportunity to “Dress Like a Scientist” for a day – from chemists to robot engineers it was impressive to see all the GCS scientists.

Not all the fun was had by elementary students as grades seven through twelve had the opportunity to take part in 3D Printing classes throughout the week.  These were led by grade twelve student, Mengjue C. In each class, students were taught the inner workings of 3D Printing and then were challenged to create their own design to be printed. Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about this innovative technology.

From science experiments to 3D printing, the students got to experience something new. Whether it was making musical code or getting their hands dirty from extracting DNA from fruit, all GCS students now have a deeper understanding of the importance of Science & Technology and an clearer picture of the vastness of God’s creation.

To view a compilation video of Science and Technology week, please visit: https://youtu.be/j1osc6VmRjE