It’s Science & Technology Week at GCS!  Throughout the week we will showcase our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs on our social media platforms.

Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs engage students in a process of inquiry and problem solving in which they develop both knowledge and skills. The purpose of these programs is to encourage and stimulate students’ learning by nurturing their sense of wonderment, by developing skill and confidence in investigating their surroundings, and by building a foundation of experience and understanding upon which later learning can be based.

At GCS, we view technology as a tool that plays an integral role in shaping any learning environment where future high-capacity leaders, thinkers, and innovators are cultivated. Our innovative computer programming exposes all students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 to concepts such as coding, robotics, and digital design. We strongly believe that every student should not only have access to technology that empowers student learning, but also be an active participant in creating the technology that is changing our world.

This week, please join us in celebrating Science & Technology Week at GCS.