We find ourselves entering the final week of the Second Quarter, and I find myself wondering how that happened so quickly?!  Please be aware of the following announcements:

What’s Going On?

In Social Studies, students will be learning about Canada’s physical regions.  In Math, we will be exploring how to convert measures (from larger to smaller, and from smaller to larger); and in Language Arts, we will be mailing the letters completed last week and beginning our unit on synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms.

Dressing for the Weather – Another Reminder

As we had colder temperatures last week, many students felt the cold very keenly due to a lack of sufficient winter outerwear.  ALL children should be coming to school prepared for outdoor playA warm jacket, snow pants, a hat, at least one pair of warm mittens or gloves, and winter boots are all necessary in order to play outdoors.

A Very Successful GCS Spirit Day

This past Wednesday, January 20th, the Grade 3 class was one of several classes who had 100% participation and won a pizza lunch!

This Week’s Assessments

Wednesday – Math Test #7
Friday – Spelling Quiz #15

Dates to Remember
Monday, Feb.1 – Semester Turnaround Day (NO SCHOOL)
Thursday, Feb.4 – Report Cards and Elementary Parent -Teacher interviews (5:00-7:oo PM)
Friday, Feb.5 – Jr./Sr. High interviews (NO SCHOOL)
Monday, Feb.15 – Islander Day (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, Feb.26 – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

See you all tomorrow!
Mrs. Smylie