Dear Parents,

Students will be assigned some recommended activities online for Language Arts and Math that they can complete anytime at their leisure over the next three days. The activities assigned today do not all need to be completed today but are recommended over the next three days. These activities are meant to help continue some learning basics at home without causing more stress and pressure for families. Do what you can when you can.

Please see your email to find a copy of your child’s QR and instructions on how to sign in to Seesaw. Once signed in, click on “activities” to see some learning activities your child has the option to do online. Students should continue to practice reading for about 15 minutes or more per day. Remember to initial one of the stars on their Super Reader bookmark for every 15 minutes they spend reading.

Hopefully we will be back in class on Thursday!                                   -Miss Kennedy

Please note the following from Mrs. MacNeill:

1) Math: Students who are comfortable with our online Mathletics program are strongly encouraged to sign-in and to practice some of their foundational math skills.  Sign in using your student account:  Additional math game practice may be posted.

2) Spelling: Students in Grades 2 to 6 should begin to study for this week’s Spelling & Vocabulary test.  Lists will be posted on the class Seesaw account and sent in a parent email for your child’s teacher.

3) Reading Schedules: Students are strongly encouraged to read for 15 – 20 minutes each day.  Grade level audio books can also be downloaded for your child using Get Epic:

4) Bible Fun: We encourage all students to take the time to continue learning their assigned Bible verse.  In addition, if your child is looking for an interesting Bible story or devotional, please check out these links below