GCS Parents and High School Students,

It is an exciting time to be part of the Grace Christian School family.  As we watch the new academic wing of our school being built, hear about the exciting achievements of our students, and see the growth in our student body, we know that God is blessing our school.

At GCS, we have always believed that our academics must be rooted firmly in Christ and of the highest quality as we develop the leaders, thinkers, and innovators of tomorrow.  We have seen this exemplified in many of our graduates who have attended and earned scholarships from predominant universities and colleges throughout Canada and the United States.  In October, GCS began a discussion with Crandall University in Moncton regarding how our schools could partner together to bring new opportunities to our students as they prepared to enter post-secondary studies.

On Wednesday, February 7, Mr. Biech and I will be hosting an information meeting about the next steps in higher education.  This will include a discussion with representatives from Crandall University to help explain some of the exciting opportunities that we have developed for our students, including scholarships and transferring Grade 12 credits as first-year courses.

The meeting will be held from 7:30 – 9:00 pm, where we will be answering questions specifically for our ESL students and their families.  Conversations at this meeting will be translated in Mandarin.

Crandall University is described as “Atlantic Canada’s leading Liberal Arts University devoted to the Christian faith. Founded in 1949, Crandall is an independent university in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Crandall is home to over 800 students, including students from sixteen different countries. Crandall’s exceptional faculty, favourable 13:1 student-to-professor ratio, and renowned academic programs set it apart as a place campus students are proud to call home.”  This shared focused on exceptional academics rooted in Christ has led to some exciting discussions and opportunities for partnership.

We are excited about the way God has grown and blessed our school, both in this partnership and in all other activities that we see on a daily basis.  We hope that you will be able to attend the information meeting.  If you have any further questions regarding this meeting, or if you are interested but unable to attend, feel free to contact Dr. Huizing.  We look forward to seeing you all on February 7!



这是作为Grace Christian学校家庭的一员一个激动人心的时候。在我们看着我们学校新的教学楼被建造起,听着我们学生兴奋的学业成就,看着我们学生身体的成长,我们知道上帝在祝福我们学校。