Good afternoon parents!

Thanks to all who came out to parent-teacher conferences. Discussing your child’s progress really makes me grateful to be their teacher!

I am also thankful that the students did a great job with two very full days of testing for the Canadian Achievement Tests this past week. It was a lot of time focusing and I am proud of all their effort!

Book Reports

Be on the lookout for an outline of the book report project. Grade four students already had theirs sent home. Grade three students will be taking theirs home tomorrow. Students in grade four are permitted to do the creative portion of their project with a partner, if parents permit and are willing to have their child meet up with another student. Please contact me with any questions you may have after reviewing the outline.

Important Dates

April 27 –  A Knight to Remember Celebration
May 4 – Professional Development Day (No Class)
May 5 – Family Fun Run

Upcoming Assessments

Grade 3

  • Friday – Spelling Test 23, Language Test 10

Grade 4

  • Friday – Spelling Test 23, Math Test 12, Language Quiz 18 and 19