Hello parents!

We have three weeks left before Christmas break and lots to do! For Social Studies this week we will be learning about Christmas in Mexico and Japan, as well as beginning research for students’ own Christmas Around the World Project. Please check the agenda for an upcoming assignment outline and rubric. Students will be required to read the outline to you for homework on Monday.

Christmas Gift Baskets

This year GCS students will be collecting various items to create gift baskets for the residents of Prince Edward Home.  This has been a trying year for the vulnerable in our province, and it is our goal to bless the residents this Christmas season.  Grade 4 will be collecting bath and body items to contribute to the gift baskets.  That includes items such as body wash, hand lotion, bath balms, deodorants, disposable razors. I encourage all parents to talk to their child to see which one of these items they would be able to contribute.  The items must be brought to school by this TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1st.

A Note from Mrs. Biech – Book Report

We are almost finished reading our class novel this week and will be working on writing our first formal book report, as well as some comprehension activities, in class this week.  While we will be doing our best to complete most work in class, there may be sections that will be needed to be fixed up at home.  These will be sent home with individuals that need it with a note in their agendas.

Upcoming Assessments

  • Tuesday – Spelling Quiz 8
  • Thursday – Math Quiz 6
  • Thursday, December 10 – Books of the Bible Quiz (Old and New Testament)

I think that’s it! I am looking forward to seeing what the students bring for the gift basket and which countries they choose to research for their Social Studies Projects!