Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all had a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday season and that Christ was the center of your Christmas. 😊

We are off to a busy start in 2021!

This week students will be writing and sharing about their holiday break, starting to gather information on the pros and cons of digital technology to participate in a debate, and learning about metric measures of weight and changing improper fractions to mixed numbers. Also, please take note of the independent novel study coming up in Mrs. Biech’s Language class (see note below).

Snow Much Fun!

We finally have a decent dump of the white stuff! Please make sure that your child has all the necessary gear for playing in the snow including boots, a hat, mitts or gloves, a winter coat, and snow pants so that they can go outside comfortably. Also, I encourage packing an extra pair of socks as the chances of stepping in a wet patch on the floor while changing footwear are high.

A Note for Mrs. Biech – Independent Novel Study

This week, students will begin a novel study of their choice.  Books need to be approved by Mrs. Biech by Wednesday.  Books should be something students have NOT read before (same series is fine) and at least 100 pages with few pictures, no graphic novels please.  Students will go to the library on Monday which will allow time to choose a book if they do not have something suitable at home. Reading novels will need to be completed by February 1.

Upcoming Assessments

  • Thursday – Grammar Quiz
  • Friday – Spelling Quiz, Math Test 7

Here’s to a new year with fresh beginnings and a fresh dump of snow!