I pray that everyone stayed safe through the wild weather this weekend!

Dressing for the Weather

The winter has certainly established itself, and so I would encourage you to make sure that your child has everything he/she needs to be able to enjoy outdoor time: winter jacket, snow pants, winter boots, mittens/gloves, a warm winter hat, scarf/neck warmer, as well as extra socks and mitts in case they get wet.

A Gentle Reminder

Lessons begin promptly at 9:00AM.  All students should be in class and ready to start the day by this time.  Outdoor supervision begins at 8:20AM, and students enter the school at 8:45AM.  Your child should be arriving by this time in order to ensure that he/she has time to unpack his/her school bag and get homework written down in time to begin lessons at 9:00AM.

Assessments This Week

Last week’s storm days caused some delays in our work!  We will be striving to catch up this week.

Tuesday: Plurals Test

Wednesday: Math Test 14

Friday: Spelling Test 15

Important Dates to Remember

Jan. 31 – Semester Turnaround Day (no school)
Feb. 6 – Report Card/Parent-Teacher Conferences
Feb. 7 – Parent-Teacher Conferences (no school)
Feb. 17 – Islander Day (no school)

Have a fabulous week!

Mrs. Smylie