Greetings! We had a great first week in Grade Five. Our classroom was filled with enthusiasm for learning and being back together. I am very excited to be teaching each of your children again. It has been wonderful to see how each student has improved over the years while maintaining their unique personalities. I look forward to the year ahead and all the learning that will take place.


This year students in grade 5 and 6 will complete their spelling practice and quizzes on We are excited to use this new resource to broaden our vocabulary and strengthen our spelling skills. Because of the functions of this website, students will need to bring in headphones to do both class practice and quizzes. Headphones do not need to stay in our classroom although they will need to be brought back every day.


*If you child requires extra practice in a subject area, this section of our blog is a great place to start. Every weekend I will post what we will be learning/reviewing in Math and Language. If you’d like me to send some resources your way to help your child learn the outcomes of the week, please email me.

Language – We will continue to review sentence structures and paragraph writing.

Math – We will review subtraction with borrowing and story problems with whole numbers.

*Additional Information* – Students will receive their first Bible verse this week. They are expected to practice their verse every night in preparation for their quiz in the weeks to come.

Quizzes this Week

Monday: Mini Quiz on Sentence Structures. (Simple, compound, or complex)

Thursday: Math Test #1

Friday: Spelling List #1


Every night, students should read for a minimum of 15 minutes. They may choose their book. Also, students should practice their spelling words and definitions. Finally, students should learn to memorize their Bible verse. If your child does not complete their math or language work in class, they are expected to bring their books home. We are helping foster responsibility by having each child check the homework wall to see what needs to be completed that evening. At the end of the day it is their responsibility to bring home the appropriate materials and books.

Meet the Teacher

This coming Monday (September 13), GCS will be hosting a Meet the Teacher time from 3:00-4:00pm.  This is a time for parents that are new to the school to meet their child(ren)’s teacher(s) or for returning parents to meet any new teachers.  Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles until 3:00pm and then come into GCS through the main school doors; you will sign-in and be directed to your child(ren)’s teacher‘s location. While in GCS, parents are required to wear a non-medical mask at all times. In order for multiple parents to meet the various teachers, please ensure that your time with each teacher is kept to a minimum.

  • Kindergarten – Mrs. L. Perry & Mrs. J. Squires – Rm: 301
  • Grade 1 – Miss E. Kennedy – Rm: 302
  • Grade 2 – Mrs. J. Barton – Rm: 304
  • Grade 3 – Mrs. A. Smylie – Rm: 306
  • Grade 4 – Mrs. M. Biech – Rm: 305
  • Grade 5 – Mrs. C. MacDougall – Rm: 308
  • Grade 6 – Mr. J. Olsen – Rm: 307
  • Educational Support – Mrs. J. Arthurs & Mrs. T. Wainwright
  • Elementary Director – Mrs. N. MacNeill 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. MacDougall