Wow!  I don’t think I would have thought at the beginning of March that the world would have changed so much.  Many times, it feels like changes are coming by the hour, but there is one thing that will never change.  That is Jesus.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  I am thankful that that I have Him to rely on when nothing else seems reliable.

Thank you, parents, for your willingness to partner with us in this new endeavor.  Thank you for the grace shown as I learn along with my students.  I am proud of my students for embracing this new challenge and their ability to adapt to a new style.  That being said, continue to encourage your child to check Seesaw daily so they do not get to far behind.  Between 9am-3pm, I am close to my device and checking work regularly.  Anything posted after that time will receive feedback early the next day.  Any questions regarding assignments and Seesaw should be directed to me at so we can make sure your children has what they need.  Keep up the great work!

Each week, I will be posting a blog that outlines the work for the entire week.  Each day, I will have a journal post and video to reinforce or explain daily tasks.  Just as it is important to eat a balanced diet, so it should be with your child’s school work.  They will have many other activities included this week but the main focus should continue to be Math and Language.


Math – p. 181-182 (#1,2,3,5) Look for a video to explain this new concept.
Language – p. 194 Think B #4-6.  Look for a video doing some examples.
Reading – 30 min and write chapter summaries. Please write a note or a video of how many pages you have left in your novel.
Writing – show me the most recent chapter summary you have written.
Spelling – Read and look at List 21(no writing required today).  Use to define words you do not know.

Social Studies:Asia Project Week 1 All the instructions are outlined in the assignment. Students will need to click on the “Activities Tab”.  Find the activity called “Grade 4 Show What You Know Project” and click on “ADD+ response” to begin. I included both oral and written instructions (and my email if they have any questions).

Bible: Students will create a Bible journal page for the Bible verse Philippians 4:6.  Students will find the activity by clicking on the activity tab in Seesaw.


Math – p. 183-184 (#1 all, 2 b,d, 4,6, 8)
Language – p. 194 Think B #7-10
Reading – 30 min and write chapter summaries.

French: Make a video of yourself reading page 37 dialogue. Submit it to the French folder. 

Music: Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting: Music, Movement and More

Science: Using the class code rkt3537 students will sign into and choose one of the two assigned readers about making instruments.  After reading, they will choose some items from around their home to create their own musical instrument.  They will create a short video to upload later in the week, demonstrating how their instrument works to create sound. 

Gym: Start your first week’s log of daily activity. An email was sent to parents with a downloadable file to fill in every weekday. This will be due Monday, April 6th. 


Math – p. 185-186 (#1 all, 2a-b, 3, 7)
Language – p. 195 Think A and B
Reading – 30 min and write chapter summaries.
Writing – Would you rather read books or write stories.
 – Use 10 spelling words in sentences or a short story.

Bible: Students will watch a video from a series called “What’s in the Bible?”  Students will find the activity by clicking on the activity tab in Seesaw.


Math – Test – Further explanation in daily notes
Language – p. 196 Think C and E
Reading – 30 min and write chapter summaries.
Spelling – Make a video of yourself reading and spelling your list words.

Art:Students will need paper, pencil, crayons,colored pencils or markers, small toys or other small objects and a light source (early morning or late afternoon sun or a lamp or a flashlight).

Students should begin to collect things like paper towel and toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, tissue and cereal boxes, clean milk jugs/cartons, juice cans/containers, etc. for upcoming art projects.

Library:  Mrs. Biech will be posting a link to listen in as we continue to read ch. 14-16 of I Survived: The Children’s Blizzard, 1888.

Music :Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting: Music, Movement and More

Science: Students must upload their video of their instrument today!  They are also encouraged to check out how other instruments work but watching a few fun videos posted by Mrs. MacNeill.


Math – p. 187-188 (#1 all, 2, 3, 6)
Language – p. 197 Think A and B
Reading/Writing – Start working on book report

Bible:  Students will submit a note on Seesaw in response to the video they watched.  Share your favorite part or ask a question in response to something you learned.  Students will find the activity by clicking on the activity tab in Seesaw.

French: Write a written response to Stephanie’s letter (page 37) in French.Please use the same information that we used in class. Read that letter in a video to be posted in Seesaw. Submit it in the French folder 

Hope you have a great week.  If there are any questions about elective classes, please direct those to your child’s teacher.

Mrs. Biech