Hope everyone will have a chance to spend time with family this weekend and enjoy Islander Day together.  It may be a short week, but be sure to check out what is happening in our class.

Poetry Unit

Our class has been talking about poetry and writing some as well.  Each child will also be memorizing and reciting a poem for the class.  We will be looking in class for some different poems to recite, but your child may need more help finding one and practicing at home.

Skiing on Wednesday

Our class will be heading to Brookvale for a ski day.  If you have not done so already, please send in permission forms and money in with your child on Tuesday as we look forward to heading to the hill on Wednesday.  Make sure your child stills comes with a lunch and all the necessary snow gear for the weather.

Assignments & Assessments

Thursday:  Math Test
Friday:  Grammar Quiz

Important Dates
Feb. 17 – Islander Day (no school)
Feb. 19 – Ski Day (Grades 3-6, and 10)
Feb. 28 – PD Day (no school)

Have a great week!

Mrs. Biech