It has been a busy week full of change and learning opportunities. Thank you to the families who continued to partner with GCS during this time!

Please note that we have changed the schedule for this week.  Students will still have Math and Language Arts every day, but we have streamlined the schedule to ensure students are able to work well at a distance.  Please refer to the schedule below. (Note: daily exercise is not included in this schedule, but students should still be exercising and recording their activity in a daily log to add to the Seesaw Weekly Activity Log on Fridays. 

Monday, April 6th

Math: Pages 185-186

Language Arts: Write a letter to a classmate. Seesaw Activity.

Science:  Students will conduct a simple experiment of their choice to demonstrate the scientific method. 

French: Students will complete the uploaded Seesaw Activities.

Physical Education: Weeklys Physical Activity lLogs are due today.  

Tuesday, April 7th

Math: Pages 187-188

Language Arts: Nonfiction vs Fiction book cover sort Seesaw Activity.

Social Studies: Heritage Fair Assignment from Mrs. Jelley (Due: Tuesday, April 7th)

Wednesday, April 8th

Math: Pages 189-190

Language Arts: Edit and respond to classmate’s letter from Monday. See Wednesday morning video for more details. 

Bible: Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Easter.  Students will then respond with a note, letting me know something they learned, or tell me about their favorite part.  Students may color a picture, about something in the video, if they would rather. Please find the assignment in the activities tab.

Thursday, April 9th

Math: Prodigy Test. Answer 15 questions in the game. No Math pages.

Language Arts: Vocabulary Test – Seesaw Crossword Activity

Music: Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting

Social Studies: Feudalism Pyramid Seesaw Activity

Art: Optional Easter Seesaw Activity. 

Friday, April 10th (Good Friday… No online classes or activities)

Heritage Fair Due this Week!

Grade 5 should send an audio visual / video presentation of their Heritage Fair project to Mrs. Jelley by Tuesday, April 7th. You can do this by uploading your presentation to Google Drive and sharing it with her at This could include a video with a completed backboard or a Google Slide presentation with audio recorded for each slide (if some students were not able to purchase a backboard and supplies). This presentation will be evaluated.  

Things to remember when recording a presentation: 

What is in the background? Is the lighting appropriate? Am I looking at the camera?  Is the camera appropriately positioned to capture the details of my board? Have I practiced what I am going to say enough that I can present my best?

That’s all for now. See you next week

Mr. Wood