It is that time again. Report cards will be going home digitally this week instead of the usual printed copy. This means we are now into the 4th quarter and at least the first four weeks of it will be online. Please read through the following announcements.

Physical Education Activity Logs

Daily exercise and getting outside every day is an important part of maintaining good health and well-being and should be a special part of your daily routine. We recommend and encourage students and families to be physically active for at least 20-30 minutes every day. 

Throughout the week, students are to be recording what they do each day to stay physically active. At the end of the week a Seesaw activity will be posted for students to complete. The OLD expectation was that students were to have the log submitted by the end of the day on Monday. STARTING THIS WEEK, students will be expected to have the log filled out and submitted on Seesaw by the end of the day the activity is posted. 

Please contact Mr. Wood at if you have any questions. 

Schedule (April 14th-17th)

Tuesday, April 14th
Math: Pages 191-192 (Line Graphs)
Language Arts: Middle Ages Biography Research Seesaw Activity
Social Studies: Johannes Gutenberg Seesaw Activity
Gym: Physical Activity logs are to be completed and submitted on Seesaw today for what you did last week to stay active. Check your Seesaw “Activities”.
Other: No vocabulary test this week. 

Wednesday, April 15th
Math: Pages 193, 195, and 196 (Graphing Ordered Pairs)
Language Arts: Joan of Arc Sentence Hunt Seesaw Activity.
Bible: Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: God’s Story.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.  A link for a song to enjoy will also be provided.

Thursday, April 16th
Math: Pages 197-198 (Scale Drawings)
Language Arts: Christopher Columbus Video Seesaw Activity
Music: Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting
Social Studies: Christopher Columbus Voyage Map Seesaw Activity

Friday, April 17th (No Online School)

That’s all for now. See you next week.

Mr. Wood