The grade five students have quickly returned to a regular school day routine and have embarrassed the new expectations and procedures well. Last week students took a variety of CAT’s (Canadian Achievement Tests) in Mathematics and Language Arts and worked through each of them diligently. On Friday, students learned about who Terry Fox was and how he impacted Canadians with his “Marathon of Hope” run across Canada 40 years ago. They also got a chance to run or walk to show their support for future cancer research. 

This coming week students will be reviewing punctuation rules in Language Arts and building an understanding of decimals in Math. In Social Studies this year students will be studying an overview of world history dating back to 3,000BC up to present day. This week will be about how historians have divided these 5,000 years and why. 

Assignments and Assessments 

  • Wednesday – Math Test 1 
  • Thursday – Spelling List 2 Quiz and Punctuation Quiz (not for ESL)

That’s all for now. See you next week. 

Mr. Wood