Spring is here! I hope you’ve been able to spend some time outside enjoying God’s creation recently. We’re in for a full week of online school. Report cards were sent home last week, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at mwood@gcspei.ca. Also, this Wednesday is Jersey Day. Wear a jersey from your favourite sports team and send a picture of yourself to admin@gcspei.ca for a chance to be featured on social media. 

This week’s schedule:

Monday, April 20th
Math: Pages 197-198 (Scale Drawings)
Language Arts: Students will be introduced to a variety of different infographics styles with a short video. Then, students will be interpreting the meaning of two different infographics in a Seesaw Activity.
Science: This week I am challenging all elementary students to collect items from around your home to create your very own “chain reaction machines” or “marble runs”.  Do you have a sibling in another class? Why not make one project together! Check out Seesaw for more information.
French: Students will find their French assignment in the Activities section on Seesaw.

Tuesday, April 21st
Math: Pages 199-200 (General Review)
Language Arts: Students will be sorting and captioning simple icons in a Seesaw Activity.
Social Studies: Martin Luther Seesaw Activity 

Wednesday, April 22nd
Math: Pages 201-202 (Fraction Review)
Language Arts: Students will be writing a short story about themselves and then choosing only 5 images that best summarize their story.
Bible: Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Prayer.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.  

Thursday, April 23rd
Math: Pages 203-204 (Temperature)
Language Arts: Students will be submitting an infographic style resume on Google Classroom and answering some interview questions in a Seesaw Activity. Please check the “Classwork” section on Google Classroom and look for the assignment called “Infographic Resume” for more details about the resume.
Music: Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting
Social Studies: Protestant Reformation Seesaw Activity

Friday, April 24th
Math: Test 9
Language Arts: List 19 Vocabulary Test on Google Classroom. Check Monday morning’s announcement for the list of vocabulary words.
Art: Look for an Art Activity with Mrs. Arthurs
Science:  Students are reminded to upload a short video of their marble run / chain reaction machine.  Bonus: Can you describe the motion and forces used to make your creation work?

That’s all for now. See you next week!