Grade 5 families, 

With only 7 weeks left in the school year, I am grateful to have had so much in-school learning this year. I hope you’re having/had a wonderful weekend. Last week in Math, we began a unit in Geometry and will learn how to calculate the perimeter of various shapes this week. In Language Arts, we’ve been studying speech writing and presenting. Students have begun writing their own speeches. More details for this assignment can be found on their Google Classroom accounts. In Social Studies, students finished their Medieval lapbooks and will begin work on the medieval manor project. See below for more details.

Medieval Manors

In Social Studies, students have completed their medieval lapbooks and will be starting work on their manor projects this week. We have been collecting various recyclable materials to use on this project the past few weeks, but we may need more. If you have any small cardboard boxes or tubes, small pieces of fabric, or string that you’re willing to contribute to the project, please send them in with your child on Monday. 

Dress Up Theme Days

Over the next few weeks leading up to the end of the school year, GCS will be organizing some school wide dress-up/theme days for staff and students to participate in. The list of days is still being finalized but for next week, we will be having a dress-up/theme day on Tuesday for May the 4th (Star Wars Day). Come dressed as your favourite Stars Wars character or in any Stars Wars merch. 

World Math Day

This week, students in elementary will test their mathematical speed and accuracy by participating in World Math Day – the world’s largest online math competition! Students are encouraged to brush up on their math skills in preparation of game day by visiting Mathletics and completing activities or challenging their classmates and other children around the world in Live Mathletics competitions. On Wednesday, May 5, students will complete twenty Live Mathletics games during school hours and submit their scores. Let’s see how GCS will rank in a global competition! Come on, mathletes!

Number the Stars Novel Study

In Language Arts, students have been reading through the novel Number the Stars and completing daily journal entries with summaries and answers to reflection questions. Students will be informed of the expectations regarding a book report this week. Below is this week’s schedule for readings and journal entries. 

May.3: (P.120-123)
May.4: (P.124-127)
May.5: Ch.16 Summary and Reflection
May.6: (P.128-132)

Assignments and Assessments 

  • Wednesday – Math Quiz
  • Thursday – Spelling List 28 Quiz 

Dates to Remember:

  • May 3rd: Start Genius Hour Presentations
  • May 4th: Stars Wars Themed Dress Up Day
  • May 6th: Ms. Super’s last day
  • May 7th: Professional Development Day (No school)
  • May 24th: Victoria Day (No school)

That’s all for now. See you next week. 

Mr. Wood