Grade 5 families, 

Only 5 weeks left in the school year! Last week in Math, we learned how to calculate the area of various shapes and the concept of square roots. In Language Arts, students started working on their book reports and have been practicing their speeches. In Social Studies, students finished their medieval manor projects. 

Elementary Track and Field Meet

GCS will be holding an in-house track and field meet at the UPEI track this Tuesday for grades 3-6. Students will leave GCS at 12:00 noon in a bus and return by 2:45pm for the usual pickup time. A GCS permission form has been sent home along with an additional form from UPEI. Both forms should be filled out and brought to school Monday morning. 

Genius Hour

Although a little late, we have started our 4th quarter Genius Hour projects. The past few projects have mainly been a research/presentation style project. For the last quarter they will work on project based on the question, “What will you do, create, design, invent, build, solve, construct, develop, or produce to benefit someone else?” There will not be any formal presentation. Last week students brainstormed some great ideas. Due to the broad scope of potential projects, students have been asked to present their idea/plan to me before approval. Students may also need parental permission depending on the project. I’m excited to see how students use their gifts to serve others as we close out the year. 

Theme Days
Over the next couple of weeks, we will be having a few theme/dress-up days:
Monday, May 17 – Sports Jersey Day
Tuesday, May 25 – Twin Day
Tuesday, June 1 – “Canada” Day (since we don’t get to celebrate this during the school year) 

Assignments and Assessments 

  • Monday – Medieval Manor projects presentations. Written speech due (end of Monday’s class)
  • Wednesday – Math Quiz
  • Thursday – Spelling List 30 Quiz 
  • Friday, May 21st – Oral Speech Presentations

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, May 17 – Sports Jersey Day
  • Tuesday, May 18 – Elementary (Gr.3-6) Track and Field Meet at UPEI
  • Thursday, May 20 – Arts Coffeehouse (1:30pm, 3:30pm & 7pm)
  • Monday, May 24 – Victoria Day (No School)
  • Tuesday, May 25 – Twin Day
  • Tuesday, June 1 – Canada Day Theme Day 
  • Friday, June 4 – Living Wax Museum (2pm)
  • Wednesday, June 9 – Gr. 6 Graduation at 9am
  • Tuesday, June 15 – Kindergarten Graduation at 6:30pm (Details TBD)
  • Thursday, June 17 – GCS Family Fun Day?
  • Friday, June 18 – School Closing

That’s all for now. See you next week. 

Mr. Wood